Exploring Freeware PDF Repair Tools

By  //  July 23, 2023

One of the most widely used file types worldwide is PDF or Portable Document Format. Official declarations, resumes, and company/product introduction brochures are all employed in PDF because of their greater compatibility and stability.

However, many people have experienced damage to PDF files and are looking for different methods to recover them. 

Have you also experienced a similar situation when your PDF file has become corrupted, you can’t access it, and you fear losing crucial information? In this article, we’ll provide a number of online PDF repair solutions to assist you in resolving such problems. 

Major Reasons for PDF File Corruption

You will find out a number of issues on the internet if you search for PDF errors in Google. There are several reasons for the same. Some of these are given below:

  • Failures of devices like USB flash drives and external hard drives carrying PDF files.
  • Interruption in the transmission or a faulty internet connection can corrupt or destroy PDF files. when they are transferred between computers or storage devices.
  • Your computer files can silently be corrupted by malware on your machine.
  • PDF files could potentially be damaged by several unknown Windows errors.
  • Shutdown of the computer right away while it is opening the PDF.
  • The PDF editing tool is not functioning properly.
  • When a document in PDF format is opened using an application other than a PDF reader.

Popular Freeware PDF Repair Tools

There are many tools available in the market for fixing faulty PDF files. However, not all of them have the ability to fix PDF files. Therefore, you must be familiar with the top PDF software for repairing corrupted PDF files, which include:

  • Kernel for PDF Repair: Kernel for PDF Repair is popular for simply ensuring an end-to-end recovery of your damaged PDF files. With this software, you can easily repair a single corrupted PDF file or multiple PDF files simultaneously.


  • PDF Repair Toolbox: By using PDF Repair Toolbox, you can fix corrupt PDF files. Additionally, it has sophisticated algorithms that help in the integration and recognition of data. However, this software is not a feasible option if you are looking to repair and restore password-protected PDF files.


  • PDF Resizer: Another online software for recovering damaged or corrupt PDF files is PDF Resizer. You can simply submit your damaged or corrupt PDF file on this platform to easily repair it. Although severely corrupted PDF files cannot be repaired, however, it does allow you to correct significant corruption faults in PDF files. Apart from that, it has a restriction on file size. Only PDF files up to 100 MB in size can be uploaded.


  • PDF2Go: This PDF repair tool can be of great use to people wanting to repair their PDF files. PDF2GO provides a wide range of PDF-related services to its users. It provides you with access to everything, including the ability to convert a PDF file or repair it in the same format. Encrypted or password-protected PDF files, however, cannot be repaired. Additionally, if you fix a PDF and then convert it to Word, it’s quite likely that the format will not be restored.


  • Sejda PDF Repair: Sejda is regarded as one of the greatest PDF repair platforms online. If you have sensitive information in a corrupt PDF file, you should repair it using Sejda for security reasons. It guarantees that your file will be removed from the server’s memory after two hours. However, you are only permitted to correct PDF files up to 50 MB in size.


PDF files are quite popular, but they get distorted for many reasons. Therefore, to easily recover corrupted PDF files, you need to fix these files and restore PDF content. 

However, repairing any PDF file can be a hassle if the PDF file is not accessible by users. You can trust the best PDF repair tools like Sejda PDF, PDF2Go, PDF Resizer and Kernel for PDF Repair.