Dave Bolno: A Closer Look at Somebody who Cares

By  //  May 16, 2023

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Education can make a big difference in any career, yet, most young or aspiring entertainers in the music industry care less about having a degree.

While some successful entertainers did not have a formal education, having a good education can help make a solid foundation for building a successful career in entertainment.

It does not only help develop valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied to your career, but it can also help you network with the big names in your industry.

Who’s Dave Bolno, a Top Business Manager with a Law Degree?

David Bolno is a well-known entertainment industry executive and business manager in the United States who has worked with several high-profile clients in the music, film, and television industries throughout his career.

Bolno is currently a partner and head of music at the talent management firm, NKSFB, which represents a diverse roster of artists, songwriters, producers, and other industry professionals.

Bolno’s educational background has helped him become a top business manager in the entertainment industry.

How can Education Help an Entertainer or Business Manager?

Skills development

Getting a degree can help you develop thought processing, communication, problem-solving skills, and other skills to get to the top of the ladder in your profession.

Advanced knowledge of business

A higher degree in business, such as an MBA, can provide a deeper understanding of business principles, such as marketing, finance, and management.

This knowledge can help you make better business decisions and also scale up your entertainment business.

Top business managers like Dave Bolno would be able to work with you if you’re on top of your game.

David Bolno is one of the top business managers in the US who has worked with popular entertainers such as Drake, Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber, and other top musicians and artists.

Networking opportunities

With the right business knowledge, you will manage administrative functions effectively.

You can also employ top business managers to help you manage your resources maximally and increase your productivity and profits in any vertical of entertainment you choose.

David Bolno is highly respected in the entertainment industry.

Dave Bolno has helped many musicians, actors, athletes, and business owners to build personal wealth in the U.S., and abroad.

Diversification of skills

With a higher degree, you can bring a unique set of skills to your industry. For example, having a degree in law or finance can provide valuable expertise in contract negotiation or financial management.

For example, while Bolno’s main focus is business management, and he’s known for business structuring, business evaluation, business planning, and implementation, he went further to have a law degree from Temple University.

With a higher degree, you would be able to develop a broader range of skills and knowledge that can be applied to the business side of your entertainment industry, providing a competitive advantage and potentially increasing your chances of success.

Experience in the industry

In addition to your formal education, your experience working in the entertainment industry is also highly valuable, as this can provide you with a deep understanding of the industry’s unique dynamics and challenges.

Networking skills, negotiation skills, and a strong understanding of finance and budgeting are also essential qualities for an effective entertainment business.


To become a successful artiste or business manager in the entertainment industry, you need to build strong relationships with your clients and partners, and stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments.

You should be able to navigate the unique challenges that come and also manage risk in your constantly changing entertainment industry, and you can only do all this with quality education.