How to Choose the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Your Budget?

By  //  May 11, 2023

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Choosing the best mechanical keyboard for your budget and any job is difficult. You must have good research and proper knowledge about mechanical keyboards to select the right one.

While shopping for a new keyboard, you will listen to many words that sound like a new language. And the biggest sticking point while choosing the best mechanical keyboard is the budget. A normal budget mechanical keyboard ranges from around 50$, a mid-range keyboard ranges from $70-100, and a good mechanical keyboard ranges from $150+. Thus, select your budget first and then choose the best mechanical keyboard

Worth Considering Factors While Choosing the Best Mechanical Keyboard

It would help if you considered multiple factors given below while shopping for a new mechanical keyboard for your budget. These factors are as follows;

Different Sizes and Layouts

The first and most important factor you must consider is checking the size and layout of a mechanical keyboard. There are different types of mechanical keyboards based on their sizes and layouts. These categories are as follows;

  • Full Size: Full-size mechanical keyboards have all the necessary things, including letters, numbers, modifiers, functional keys, arrow keys, and a number pad. People who prefer built-in number pads must go for these keyboards. While using these keyboards, you can place your mouse far away from your body, causing strain on your shoulders, neck, and back.
  • Tenkeyless (TKL): These keyboards are many inches more compact than full-size ones and contain all keys except the number pad. This mechanical keyboard has the most commonly used keys, and if you are looking for a numpad, use a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with a standalone number pad. This type is preferable to full-size keyboards as it consumes less space.
  • 75% Layout: Most Laptop keyboards have this kind of layout. It resembles tenkeyless models but smashes the keys together and consumes less space. If you frequently use the top row functional keys, 75% keyboard is the best option.
  • 65% and 68%: Mechanical keyboards of this size channelize the function keys along the top row and keep the arrow keys and a few others away from the navigation cluster. This way, 65% and 67% consume much less vertical space, although having the same width as 75% of models.
  • 60% Mechanical Keyboards: These have no function, arrow or navigation keys. These only contain the core block of letters, numbers, and modifiers. 60% mechanical keyboards are the best option if you are looking to remember key combinations and functions.
  • 40% and Further Smaller Range: The market has even smaller keyboards. However, these are not suitable for people who cannot work or live without the full number rows of letters.

Mechanical Key Switches

The second important thing to consider is choosing between the variety of switches you want to type. Every key has an individual switch in cute mechanical keyboards making it more durable, easy to repair, and easily customizable than other keyboards like membrane, scissors, or butterfly keyboards. There are three major types of mechanical switches:

  1. Linear Switches: you feel very smooth when you press them from top to bottom
  2. Tactile Switches: This type of clear bump partway through the key press, and you will learn about the activation of other keys when you press these switches.
  3. Clicky Switches are similar to tactile switches but feature a click sound matching the tactile bump.

Many other switch types are defined by their actuation force and actuation point. These types include:

  • Cherry MX Blue: These types are tactile and have much higher actuation force. People who love typing prefer this type of keyboard.
  • Cherry MX Brown: These are tactile but with lower actuation force than MX Blues. People who love playing games and typing prefer this type.
  • Cherry MX Red: These linear mechanical switches have a low actuation force. People fond of playing games prefer this type of keyboard.
  • Razer Green: These switches are much like MX Blues and have slightly higher actuation force than Cherry MX Blues.
  • Logitech Romer-G: These switches are linear with short actuation points and are much faster than Cherry MX Red. Gaming people prefer these types.
  • Kailh: These are similar to Cherry MX varieties and have various colors plus variable actuation forces.
  • Gateron: These switches are similar to Cherry MX switches and are known for their smoothness and relatively low price. They come in different colors, each with a different actuation force, and have a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes. Gateron switches have gained popularity among keyboard enthusiasts and gamers for their smoothness and affordability compared to Cherry MX switches.


Not all mechanical keyboards have keycaps, and those with these keys require a specific compatible switch. It is wise to check their compatibility and the whole keyboard while purchasing them. Hot-swappable keys are keys you can remove and replace without soldering. This way, users can try out multiple switch types and replace the damaged ones with brand-new keys. A hot-swappable switch plate is necessary to use these types of keys. A retention clip helps to hold these switches in place. This way, you can easily customize your cute mechanical keyboard according to your choice.

Other Important Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Mechanical Keyboard

There are the following other factors that you must consider while shopping for the best Cut Mechanical Keyboard. These factors are:

  • Wired or Wireless: Some keyboards use a wire, and some are wirelessly connected to your computer. The wireless connection includes Bluetooth or a wireless receiver. Wired ones are preferable due to no latency issues. Moreover, these are also cheaper than others.
  • Software: Sometimes, keyboards require software for easy customizations, and this software includes a brand or generic.
  • Building Quality of Material: You must also look for the quality of building material, as good quality keyboards will last longer.
  • Backlight: Backlighting adds fun to your desk, and if a mechanical keyboard has backlighting, you must choose the one with plain white or a programmable RBG keyboard.
  • Pricing: Pricing is the most important factor when choosing the best mechanical keyboard. Thus, selecting your budget and looking for a keyboard meeting your requirements is wise.


Mechanical Keyboards are preferred for typing and gaming as you can easily customize them, and these are more durable than others. However, choosing the best mechanical keyboard for your budget is challenging.

Above, we have described a methodology and factors you must consider while shopping for the best keyboard. Thus, read the article fully and know how to choose the best mechanical keyboard for your budget.