Self Healing Journey: Everything You Need to Know

By  //  May 21, 2023

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Have you been feeling tired lately due to ongoing stress that causes a toll on your mental health? 

If so, self-healing is the right solution for you. This method was found to be effective in making mental conditions become fit again.

Not only that, but self-healing methods also won’t hinder your daily productivity. In a sense, it can be done even if you are busy or during a break in your free time.

What is Self Healing?

Before discussing how to do it, you need to know first about the true meaning of self-healing. Self-healing is a term defined as the process of recovering from poor emotional health. Some people certainly have experienced emotional problems that cause emotional pain. This happens for quite a long time and can have an impact on daily activities.

Several factors can cause emotional pain and distress. Generally, it is present because of anxiety, sadness, disappointment due to failure to achieve something, and other problems that occurred in the past. And as time goes by, the recovery process also includes physical health problems. This is because emotional and physical health disorders often coexist.

How to Do Self Healing?

As mentioned above, self-healing can be done easily and effectively. There are several recovery methods that you do. Some of the basis of the choice of activities can also be carried out at any time and adjusted to your hobbies and interests. Choosing activities that you like can increase your enthusiasm and mental fitness. Here are some ways you can do in order to self-heal!

  1. Have a “me time”

One of the most effective ways to do self-healing is by setting aside time to do “me time.” As the name implies, “me time” means allowing yourself to have free time that you spend solely for and with yourself.

You can spend this time doing hobbies that you like, traveling if you have the means to,  or even just spending your day at home and watching your favorite TV shows. Its time is considered very effective to calm your mind and make you feel recharged. 

  1. Talk to yourself

The next way to do self-healing is to talk to yourself. As awkward as it may sound, talking to yourself is one of the best ways to let out negative feelings about something. This activity also encourages you to better understand yourself and be grateful for all the achievements that have been achieved. 

Keep in mind that talking to yourself should be done with compassion and in a positive way. Don’t curse yourself because of the things you failed to do, because instead of healing you will only add more grudge and scars to yourself. Show the compassion that you usually do to your loved ones. When they fail to do something, you usually try to soothe them, ease their worries, and try to make them feel calm. You should also do so with yourself because your selves matter too.

  1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the most popular self-healing activities  These activities offer many benefits, from increasing focus, and self-awareness, to reducing negative emotions. However, so you can meditate more effectively, make sure that you do it in a quiet room. 

You can start meditating by turning off the lights in your room, getting into a comfortable position, placing your feet on the ground, taking deep breaths, and slowly exhaling.

  1. Take the positive side of the past

Another way to self-heal is to take the positive side of the past. Regrets and bad experiences in the past can cause discomfort and stress if you think about them too often. This regret can also make you think too much and later cause anxiety.

As a healing step, try to ignore the negative thoughts of regret and instead do positive things. Don’t think that past regrets will only serve as a reminder of your failure, instead analyze what went wrong, spot the things that you should improve, and use your past regrets as lessons learned.

  1. Journaling

Writing a journal is the next self-healing activity that you can do easily. This activity can help to lighten your mind and give you an idea of ​​something from a new perspective.  You can keep a journal and pour out your thoughts for 10 to 15 minutes each day. This technique can also do wonders to help increase your self-awareness and confidence.

Though nowadays there are many apps available online that you can utilize for journaling, most people find it better to do journaling in the old ways – by writing it down in notebooks. For some people who don’t practice this, journaling can seem to be a hard activity to do. But actually, this can do wonders for your mental health. 

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