President of the University of Science, Arts, and Technology (USAT), Dr. Orien Tulp, Shares Insights on the Importance of Civic Engagement

By  //  July 13, 2023

Civic engagement — the process of taking responsibility for improving one’s community and the world around us — is a subject in which Dr. Orien Tulp is well-versed.

As the founder and president of the University of Science, Arts, and Technology (USAT), Dr. Tulp has had the opportunity to positively impact the lives of a substantial number of Medical and Graduate students.

A long-time proponent of civic engagement and a shining example of why it is essential for individuals to unite to tackle major societal issues, Dr. Orien Tulp recently shared his thoughts on this important topic. 

Unified Action Is the Key to Effective Civic Engagement 

At the granular level, civic engagement is a mechanism for solving community-level issues, such as a lack of access to affordable healthcare or reliable public transportation. Community members can unite to start conversations about these concerns and bring the issues to municipal- and county-level decision-makers.

On a broader scale, civic engagement can be a powerful tool for creating effective, meaningful changes on a state, federal, or even global level. 

As the president of the University of Science, Arts, and Technology (USAT), Dr. Orien Tulp has unified his faculty to accomplish a common mission: providing medical and graduate education to healthcare professionals that want to become medical doctors, scientists, and clinical researchers. 

Whether your goal is to effect change at the local level or you have larger aspirations, Dr. Tulp believes that unified action is the key to accomplishing your objectives. In fact, he says, “The cumulative impact of a few unified and passionate individuals is far greater than the net effect of hundreds of civically engaged but misaligned people working toward disparate goals.” 

When everyone is working toward a clear, common purpose, the civic impact can be profound and far-reaching. 

The Future of Civic Engagement

As for the future of civic engagement, Dr. Tulp believes that social media and other digital channels will play an increasingly significant role in societal movements. From organizing events to sharing educational information on important topics, digital tools will be integral to civic processes and audience mobilization. 

In the future, civic engagement movements will likely occur entirely along virtual channels. Therefore, organizers and participants must adapt so that they can continue to shape our society and address important local, national, and global issues effectively. 

About Dr. Orien Tulp

Dr. Orien Tulp, founder and President of the University of Science, Arts, and Technology (USAT), is a professor, author, and researcher in the medical field.  He has also had a long military career and is the recipient of the Legion of Merit Award. Dr. Tulp has conducted extensive research on nutrition, obesity, and metabolism and is a contributor to many academic journals. 

A dedicated volunteer, he has participated in many humanitarian missions in the USA and abroad and is the recipient of the Lifetime Presidential Volunteer Service Award from the White House.