Different Types of Solar DC System and Their Uses

By  //  August 23, 2023

A Solar DC System can be of multiple types. These types are small flood solar lighting systems, large decorative solar lighting systems, and standard solar lighting systems.

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Choosing the perfect Solar DC System for an area can be confusing. However, once you know which type of lighting system is ideal for which location, you can easily choose the best suitable lighting system.

You can decide the most suitable type of lighting system on various factors. Factors like the desired location, size of the location, the type of lighting, its color, strength, etc, must be taken into consideration before buying a solar lighting system.

Uses of different solar lighting systems

Starting with small flood solar lighting systems, these lighting systems are best for small and covered spaces. These lights are similar to spotlights. Like spotlights, small flood solar lights illuminate small areas. However, their light is so powerful that the small area is flooded with light.

Such lighting systems are best suitable for locations that are small but require a lot of light. For instance, these lighting systems are best for bus shelters. Bus shelters are tiny places. However, these require sufficient light at night to make people safe while waiting for their bus. 

Apart from a bus shelter, these lighting systems can also be used to illuminate flags, signboards, narrow walkways, etc. Thus, small flood solar lighting systems are very versatile and can be used for multiple purposes.

Large decorative solar lighting systems are used for relatively larger areas. These lighting systems can illuminate large spaces. However, the intensity of the light depends on the type of lighting system.

Some people prefer dim or soft lights when it comes to illuminating larger spaces. However, some people want slightly intense lights for large spaces. One can choose from different models of large decorative solar lighting systems based on their needs.

These lighting systems are mostly used to illuminate parking lots, roadways, pavilions, small housing areas, etc. Since these are decorative lights, one can choose from a range of colors and patterns in these lighting systems.

Standard solar lighting systems are ideal when one wants to illuminate a very large area. These are normal lighting systems that can illuminate large areas with soft light.

These lighting systems are mainly used to illuminate roads, parking lots, etc. Apart from that, these lights are also used for area perimeter lighting. These are used in such places because they have adaptive lighting. 

In addition, these lighting systems operate at lower wattages and require less maintenance. Hence, once these are fixed at a place, the user does not have to check these lights regularly. Thus, these lighting systems are best for commercial use.