Travel For Two: 5 Tips For a Great Couple Vacation

By  //  August 3, 2023

Who doesn’t like a romantic getaway with their significant other? There is nothing better than getting the time to enjoy a romantic escape with your partner away from the noise of everyday life.

But to connect with your partner, you need to know their likes and dislikes related to traveling. Are they adventurous like you, or would they rather enjoy a vacation relaxing in a cabin? If you both share a deep love for the mountains, then picking out a vacation destination is a no-brainer. You would have a grand time in Tennessee. The South is known for its scenic beauty, food, and music. 

These are the three rudimentary elements that make any vacation beautiful. Tennessee is also home to the impressive Smoky Mountains, which attract millions of tourists every year. In 2021, a record-breaking 14 million tourists visited the Great Smoky Mountains!

The mountain has much for you to do, from exploring the fauna and flora to hiking to the highest peak; a few days in nature will bring you close to your partner like no other. So if you’re eager to get your vacation started, here are some tips to ensure you both enjoy each other’s company:

  • Look for Unique Activities to Do

Thinking about a surprise for your partner? Why not plan a unique activity that they have never tried before? Couples usually think about enjoying a candlelight dinner or a spa on a romantic trip, but how many can claim that they have climbed something as wondrous as the Smoky Mountains to capture picturesque views and just sit there and take in that charm? So while you’re in Tennessee dancing to the blues and enjoying delicious southern comfort meals, make time to check out the best views in the Smoky Mountains and relish the experience with your partner. 

The views of the trees stretching for miles will be etched in your memory forever. But that’s not all you should do in the Smokies. You can also book a helicopter tour while you are still here. Depending on the package you pick, you will glide near the mountains and hover over the glorious lakes in Tennessee with your partner. Won’t that be something to remember?

  • Take Your Partner’s Interests Into Account 

If you’re an adrenaline seeker, but your partner is more calm, you need to strike a balance between the kind of activities that you and your partner can enjoy. Don’t load up with things only you want to do. For example, if your partner wants to go to the museum, book a tour that allows you to visit museums together. A vacation is also a great way to learn more about your partner. Watch them come to life as they immerse themselves in activities they enjoy. 

Please don’t try pushing them to participate in everything you want and continuously discard their feelings. Being stubborn or unempathetic can literally ruin this trip for both of you. A healthy balance accounts for both of your feelings and interests instead of choosing one set of activities over the other.

  • Have A Realistic Budget

As much as you want to dive into every luxury hotel and feast in Michelin-star restaurants, you must be honest about your budget. If you splurge recklessly, you may end up causing more significant financial damage than anticipated, which can turn the memory of this romantic getaway sour. Include your partner in this conversation, and talk about combining finances and spending on this holiday. Generally, a solid vacation can cost about $4,000 or less. 

If you want to spend wisely, you can explore places like the Smokies instead of going on a foreign trip. Moreover, apart from luxury accommodations, the Smokies also has affordable cabins and local eateries that can cater to you for a reasonable price. When budgeting for your vacation, make sure you divide your money into three categories, the first being the cash you plan on splurging, the second being funds for a rainy day, and the third money for shopping. When you carefully divide your money, it helps you stay on track and stops you from going overboard.

  • Have a Breather

A vacation doesn’t mean you always have to be on the go. Take a moment to catch your breath and enjoy each other’s company. You can go on a couple’s yoga, dine in local cafés, or stroll through markets. 

At the same time, it would be best to schedule some downtime for yourself – some me-time. As much as you love your partner, you don’t have to spend every waking minute with them. Try going out on your own and exploring your vacation spot. You can schedule a meeting point and catch up with your partner on what they discovered. This is a great way to strengthen the bond you two have further and allow you to grow as individuals.

  • Celebrate Each Other

Don’t limit celebrations to anniversaries or birthdays. You should always celebrate your partner; when you’re on vacation, find reasons to tell your partner why you love them. Make them feel appreciated, and don’t hold back from saying kind words. You can also go as far as planning romantic gestures like making a reservation at a fancy hotel, purchasing a unique souvenir for them, or, if you’re watching a concert together, asking the singer to dedicate a song to them. 

Likewise, if your partner wants to go the extra mile for you, let them. You can also relay your expectations instead of leaving them guessing what you like. Some tourists like to carve their initials into trees or buildings; make sure you find out if the tourist destination you are at allows couples to do that before you carve anything. 

Final Thoughts

Planning a romantic getaway with your partner takes some work. But with the right attitude and attention to detail, you can have a wonderful time at your couple’s retreat. Vacations are essential in helping you unwind mentally and physically. So, don’t make your holiday into an action-packed thriller without accounting for downtime. In general, while planning a vacation with your partner, plan activities you both can enjoy, ensuring you’re not making the holiday all about you. A vacation is not a chore, so don’t treat it like one; find out what brings you closer to your partner and look for ways to rekindle the romance that takes a back seat in the daily grind.