The Journey Beyond: Pastor Chris and Anita’s Divorce

By  //  September 18, 2023

The divorce between Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Anita Ebhodaghe made headlines around the world and left the Christian community in shock.

In the world of faith and spirituality, even highly respected leaders face personal trials that challenge their strength and dedication. One event that captured global interest in recent years was the divorce of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, a prominent spiritual leader, and his former wife, Anita Ebhodaghe. 

This article seeks to offer insight into the pastor’s life, his ministry, LoveWorld, and the delicate matter of his divorce, all while respecting their privacy and personal journeys.

Who is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of Nigeria’s most influential religious leaders. He has earned high recognition for his powerful teachings, which inspire millions of followers worldwide.

In 1987, he established the church Christ Embassy, also known as LoveWorld Inc., in Lagos, Nigeria. Today, it ranks among the world’s largest Christian congregations with over 100 branches worldwide, including in the United States, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Canada, and South Africa.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome serves as a pastor, teacher, healing minister, and television host, dedicated to spreading the word of God. He has written numerous books and delivered thousands of sermons, all aimed at inspiring others.

He also founded the Healing School, renowned for hosting international events and conferences that bring Christians together from around the world. The Healing School is also responsible for organizing the Healing Streams Live Healing Services.

Additionally, he wrote a daily devotional called ‘Rhapsody of Realities,’ available in thousands of languages, touching the hearts of believers worldwide.

To make his teachings more accessible, he introduced The Pastor Chris Digital Library, offering a collection of his works through a downloadable app.

The Divorce of Pastor Chris and Anita

While the world knows Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for his prolific ministry and inspirational teachings, his personal life has also come into the public eye due to his divorce from Anita Ebhodaghe. 

This divorce marked a significant chapter in his journey, one that raised questions and captured the attention of his followers.

Anita Ebhodaghe, who was once an integral part of Christ Embassy, was in the spotlight as her marriage with its founder ended. 

Her role within the ministry and her connection with her husband had made her a respected figure among the congregation. 

However, as the dynamics of their relationship changed, her presence in the ministry gradually decreased, leading to speculation about their marriage.

Despite their initial attempts to keep their personal lives private, Pastor Chris and Anita later confirmed that they were no longer together and intended to get a divorce. 

This news caused shock within LoveWorld Inc. and the larger Christian community. Once seen as a perfect example of a happy marriage and successful partnership in the ministry, the couple found themselves go separate ways.

After the announcement of their divorce, both Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Anita Ebhodaghe embarked on new journeys in their lives and ministries.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Journey Post-Divorce

Despite the personal challenges posed by the divorce, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome continued his dedicated service within the ministry.

He concentrated on evangelistic initiatives, community outreach programs, and faith-based projects. Through these activities, he has continued to inspire millions of people all over the world.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s influence extended to the digital era as he embraced the power of technology to share his teachings. 

His ministry has used the digital world by introducing apps, podcasts, and a 24/7 television channel. This transition allowed him to connect with a global audience, further amplifying his message of faith and hope.

Additionally, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome actively participated in philanthropy, dedicating his efforts to the InnerCity Mission for Children, among other organizations. 

This InnerCity Mission for Children has made a significant impact by providing education, food, clean water, and healthcare services to underprivileged children in inner cities worldwide. 

Anita Ebhodaghe’s Path Post-Divorce

Following the divorce, Anita Ebhodaghe embarked on her unique journey within a Christian ministry. She officially changed her name to Anita Schafer and worked towards redefining her ministry, focusing on her church based in London.

Similar to her former husband, Anita Schafer delved into philanthropic initiatives. Her focus centered on women’s empowerment and social justice issues, reflecting her commitment to addressing pressing social concerns within the church and beyond.

While the divorce marked a significant transition in her life, Anita Schafer continued to inspire many, mainly through her teachings and advocacy work.

The Impact of the Divorce

The divorce undoubtedly had a profound impact on both Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Anita Schafer. 

The challenges during this period contributed to their resilience and reinforced their commitment to their respective callings in personal growth, transformation, and adaptation to new circumstances. 

Despite the divorce, both of them remain influential figures in the Christian community, each following a path in ministry and philanthropy. 

Their dedication to spiritual leadership and social impact reflects their commitment to their ministry.

Children of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Anita Schafer

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Anita Schafer are parents to two daughters, Carissa Sharon and Charlene Oyakhilome. Both daughters have reached adulthood and have maintained relative privacy concerning their parents’ divorce.

The divorce of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Anita Schafer marked a significant chapter in their lives, prompting personal growth and transformation. 

While they took different paths, their unwavering commitment to Christian ministry and philanthropy continues to inspire and uplift individuals worldwide.