Endeavour Elementary School’s Amanda Choplin Named FAST Outstanding Elementary Teacher of the Year

By  //  October 10, 2023

Choplin will be honored on Oct. 20 at the FAST Conference in Tampa, Florida

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Amanda Choplin of Endeavour Elementary School has been named the Florida Association of Science Teachers (FAST) Outstanding Elementary Teacher of the Year.

Mrs. Choplin’s passion and leadership have ignited a scientific revolution at Endeavour. Through her tireless efforts, she has propelled her students to soar to new heights, achieving a remarkable 7% improvement in science proficiency.

Mrs. Choplin has left an unforgettable mark on Endeavour by introducing a groundbreaking Girls in STEM program, sparking the curiosity and ambitions of young girls in the field of STEM. She has also breathed new life into the science fair program, inspiring students to showcase their scientific prowess.

A true champion of innovation, Mrs. Choplin has spearheaded the creation of a Destination Mars team and expanded Endeavour’s Innovation Games teams, providing students with a platform to explore their creative potential and push the boundaries of scientific thought.

Mrs. Choplin’s influence extends even beyond the school year. With her unwavering commitment to education, she has masterfully coordinated a STREAM camp, where young minds are pushed to continue to flourish and thrive during the summer.

She will be honored on Oct. 20 at the FAST Conference in Tampa, Florida.