How do I Make My Apple Watch Look Classy

By  //  October 26, 2023

Your Apple Watch can be more than just a time-telling device. It can reflect your unique sense of style and taste.

While the basic watch focuses more on its functional features, you can transform it into an elegant accessory on your wrist with a few simple styling tweaks. But how do I make my Apple watch look classy? This article will explore several ways to jazz up your Apple Watch and make it look classier through watch faces, bands, protectors and customization options.

Choose the Right Band

According to, the band is one of the most important factors that affects your Apple Watch’s overall look. The right band can take a sporty watch and make it look polished and refined. The silicone sports band in the box is functional but not very elegant. Upgrade to a leather or metal band to instantly give your Apple Watch a luxurious vibe.

– Leather Bands

  • premium materials like alligator or crocodile leather add luxury
  • soft napa leather or distressed leather gives a vintage appeal
  • multiple colour options allow you to match different outfits

– Metal Bands

  • stainless steel is durable and matches both casual and formal styles
  • gold-tone or rose gold-tone bands work well for evenings
  • metal link bands have a sophisticated look

– Fabric Bands

  • nylon and woven fabric bands are lightweight and breathable
  • herringbone or other textured patterns look dressier than plain fabrics
  • opt for muted or rich tones over bright colors

Install a Classy Watch Face

Aside from the band, the watch face plays a big role in establishing your Apple Watch’s persona. While basic faces work for fitness tracking, customized faces can make your watch feel more refined. A few face options that upgrade your style:

  • Analog dials reminiscent of fine watches – Vintage-style analog dials with dauphine hands or tachymeter scales look like classy timepieces.
  • Art Deco or Bauhaus-inspired geometric faces – Cleancut designs with balanced asymmetry and muted colors have a retro yet refined appeal.
  • Scenes from famous paintings or photographs – Watch faces showcasing renowned artworks transport you to another world at a glance.
  • Faces detailed complications like moon phases or tides – Extra details like astronomical data displayed in classical grids bespeak expertise and sophistication.
  • Faces featuring metallic textures or luxury brand logos – Premium surfaces with rose gold accents or subtle branding logos signal luxury and status.
  • Slimmer bezels and premium fonts make faces look high-end – Faces with minimal frames and typography reminiscent of high-fashion ads appear high-quality.

Keep the Watch Face Simple

To ensure your Apple Watch retains a classy look, keep the watch face simple and minimalist. Overly busy and cluttered watch faces can overwhelm your watch and make it look cheap. Choose a face that:

  • Has 1-2 large complications like date or weather. This adds functionality without clutter.
  • Minimal graphics or textures in the background. Plain/solid colors look more polished.
  • Subtle animation effects, if any. Too many moving parts will look busy.
  • Coordinated color schemes that don’t overwhelm. Stick to 2 colors maximum.
  • Typography that feels polished rather than technical. Sans serif fonts tend to look smoother.

Keep the Rest of the Outfit Coordinated

Your Apple Watch shouldn’t stand out too much from the rest of your outfit. Choose watch faces and bands that complement your clothing and overall look. For example, a stealth black watch face may clash with a light-coloured formal suit. Pair it with:

  • Well-fitted clothes in luxurious fabrics like cashmere, silk or leather
  • Coordinated accessories like cufflinks, tie bars, belts or gloves
  • Simple jewelry in precious metals, if any
  • Leather dress shoes or boots rather than sneakers
  • A tailored bag or lunch box rather than a casual backpack

Maintain the Watch Professionally

To keep the luxurious look lasting, get your Apple Watch:

  • Polished and cleaned periodically to remove scratches
  • Bands replaced or re-dyed when worn out
  • Water resistance is checked if exposed to pools or oceans
  • Screen protectors are replaced when damaged or dull
  • Case replaced if significantly scratched after many years
  • Software and WatchOS are updated regularly for security


Adopting some simple styling tips allows you to transform your Apple Watch into an elegant accessory that matches your distinct taste and style. Most importantly, it will allow your watch to retain its functional aspects without looking flashy or overdone. A classy look never goes out of style and will keep your Apple Watch looking polished for longer.