Pros and Cons Of Living in Canonsburg, PA

By  //  October 29, 2023

The majority of Canonsburg’s population also owns their homes, adding to the community’s strong suburban vibe. Politically, Canonsburg tends to the right, and it is home to a diverse population that includes families, young professionals, and retirees.

Reviewers have been uniformly positive about Canonsburg’s public schools. 

Perhaps you’re thinking of living in  Canonsburg, Pennsylvania and making it your new home, or you’re just wondering what it’s like to live there. We hope this list of living in Canonsburg’s pros and cons will be helpful in your decision-making process, regardless of which option you ultimately choose. 

This study ranks and analyzes cities throughout the country and within individual states based on the factors that contribute to their overall livability. Although this analysis should give a pretty complete picture of Canonsburg’s advantages and disadvantages, it may still exclude some features that are important to some potential residents. since deciding to relocate to a new city can be challenging. Our sincere wish is that this evaluation will prove helpful to you when you make a career- or life-altering decision, such as a move or a change in location.

Living in Canonsburg

Washington County, in the state of Pennsylvania, is home to the teeny-tiny borough of Canonsburg. Canonsburg is located in Pennsylvania. The name originates from the canon that is located in the town. The county of Washington, which may be found in Pennsylvania, is named after the state itself. There has been a slight drop in the number of individuals calling Canonsburg their home over the course of the previous five years. 

There are now 8864 individuals making their home in this region, and the population growth rate for the previous year was -0.5%, while the growth rate for the previous five years was -2.0%. Living in Canonsburg gives one the appearance of being part of a suburban community, which may be beneficial to families who are searching for more room at a lower cost than they would find in bigger, more densely packed cities, as well as a lovely location in which to raise children.

Is It a Great Location to Live in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania?

Yes, it is unquestionably a great place to call home, with all the pros and cons of moving to Canonsburg. Canonsburg excels in several areas, and its diversity is particularly significant. Because it welcomes individuals of all walks of life, Canonsburg is a great place to call home. Ultimately, there is no consensus on what characteristics of a city make it an attractive location to live. While some people may feel more at home in a small town, others may be more satisfied with the variety of life that a large, big city has to offer.The most important thing is that a city can provide for its residents’ needs. It’s possible that a city is perfect for its citizens since it has everything they could possibly want.

The attractiveness of a city as a place to live depends on several factors. Cost effectiveness is a major consideration. A person’s housing costs shouldn’t be too high when compared to their other outgoings. There are also practical considerations to consider. A diverse offering of restaurants and nightlife venues is essential for every city. It’s great when urban areas also have enough parkland and other green spaces. 

In conclusion, a city’s population has to reflect the diversity of its wider society. There should be an inclusive representation of a wide variety of races and religions. Residents of the city should feel secure and at ease in all of its communities. If a city meets all of these criteria, then it is a great place to live. And if, after considering all of the advantages and disadvantages of living there, you decide to stay, you should contact Canonsburg Movers.  

Pros of Living in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania


The overall score for Canonsburg’s livability is much higher than the national average. This rating is the sum of all of the data points and aspects that are considered when assessing the quality of life in a city. Following that, each of those qualities is assigned a weight based on the degree to which it is comparable to that of other locations.

The level of education, the crime rate, the cost of living, and the general contentment of people are all taken into account in the livability score, which is computed as a predictive indicator using our complex statistical models. In addition, the score also takes into account the general cost of living.

Cost of Living

When searching for a new place to settle down and call home, the expense of living there is one of the most significant aspects to take into consideration. The cost of living in Canonsburg is significantly lower than the national average as well as the cost of living in the vast majority of other communities within Pennsylvania. 

On a state and federal level, some places can be more expensive than others; nevertheless, the overall average of costs for housing, utilities, grocery goods, transportation, health care, and other products and services is lower. This is true even if some regions can be more expensive than others. This is the case even if living in Canonsburg expenses in certain areas may be higher than in others. 


Living in Canonsburg has a much lower crime rate than both the national and state averages. In general, violent and property crimes may be separated into two distinct groups. More specifically, the rates of murder, manslaughter, major assault, and rape are lower than they are in many other American cities. There has been a general decrease in property crimes, including burglary and arson.


Canonsburg’s schools are rated C+, which is better than the state and national averages. The ratio of teachers to students is low, and there are many enrichment opportunities for students. The results help both the districts and the students’ families get insight into how their children are doing in school. In “C+” schools, student performance, school improvement, and gap closure are all below average. 

Although things are looking up for these institutions, Please don’t fret, Canonsburg moms and dads. Your kid should get a good education here because the school system is still exceeding the state average. But you should constantly be involved in your kid’s education and have questions for the school. The city is better than the state and country averages, earning a “C+” grade.

Cons of Living in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 

Reduced Population Growth

For the past five years, the population of Canonsburg has been declining. There are various potential causes of population decline, and while this may not necessarily be cause for concern, it is something to keep an eye on. Many factors, or a single catastrophic event, may lead to a city’s population decline. 

Short-term disasters such as pandemics, wars, food shortages, and other tragedies, as well as long-term demographic trends such as a low birth rate or migration, can both result in considerable population losses in an area. The economic ramifications of lower demand for critical services such as hotels, restaurants, and shopping may result in further population decline. When this happens, the job market in those industries suffers.


Despite its modest size, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, boasts a wide variety of residential and commercial property, as well as 4,562 dwelling units. There are both brand-new luxury houses being built in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, on the south side of town, and pre-existing luxury residences on the north border, both of which are available for immediate occupancy.