Visionary Leadership: How Willi Würms is Driving Global Business with Entrepreneurial Finesse

By  //  November 18, 2023

Switzerland: A Swiss-Latin entrepreneur Willi Würms, recently spoke about his entrepreneurial journey that has seen him traverse continents, work in various industries, and engage with diverse cultures.

Würms’ career began in hotel management, but he quickly found his calling in international finance, ultimately becoming an advisor across Europe and Latin America.

Hailing from a Swiss-Latin American family, Würms spent his formative years absorbing the cultures of Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Germany, and Switzerland. This exposure led to his fluency in German, Spanish, French and English – skills refined at renowned Swiss and German institutions.

Würms’ notable achievements during his time at UBS include serving as Director for the Latin American market out of Panama and Switzerland. Amidst this accomplishment, he told Transcontinental Times that resilience and optimism played a crucial role in overcoming life’s challenges.

Würms founded Taxi Pacifico S.A., an early precursor to ride-hailing services, aimed at providing financial autonomy to unbanked taxi drivers. This entrepreneurial success marked the beginning of his transition from traditional banking to independent consulting. During this period of change, Würms engaged with various organizations. Notably, he supported international law enforcement agencies in collaboration with peacekeeping organizations, including the United Nations. Additionally, he served as a director on the board of the Colombian Panamanian Chamber of Commerce.

While talking with Space Coast Daily, Würms elaborated on his partnership with an Andorran-based Multi Family Office. He initiated and led a multimillion-dollar deal that involved moving a team of eight high-profile executives from UBS, successfully transferring over USD 1 billion in assets from UBS to the Multi Family Office within six months. This strategic move was a key moment in his journey, further cementing his transition to becoming an independent entrepreneur and businessman.

In recent years, Würms ventured into luxury yachting and other sectors, leveraging his global background to make a significant impact. In 2017, he returned to Switzerland and promptly kick-started new ventures aimed at meeting the growing demands of his exclusive clientele.

Würms has expanded his ventures into the luxury market, including high-end watches and exquisite spirits, exemplifying his exceptional ability to recognize and prosper in lucrative niche sectors. In addition, Würms has cultivated a deep interest in the world of luxury yachting, resulting in a close partnership with Sunreef Yachts and its founder, Francis Lapp.

At the core of Würms’ achievements lies his unwavering dedication to confidentiality – an essential trait within his high-stakes environment. Würms’ journey is characterized by cultural diversity, professional integrity, and entrepreneurial victories as he continues to chart a course through the complex realms of finance, luxury brands, and innovation. His life is a testament to an extraordinary blend of global experiences combined with an unrelenting commitment to maintaining both traditional values and forward-thinking perspectives.