World of Warcraft: SoD Phase 1 — Gold Farming Guide

By  //  January 10, 2024

World of Warcraft, the leading MMORPG for nearly two decades, owes its enduring popularity due to a constant stream of new expansions and a variety of gameplay activities it offers.

The latest expansion, Season of Discovery gives players the chance to participate in an exciting raid and challenging dungeons, PvP events, profession leveling, and more. 

The in-game economy also plays a crucial role, with the Auction House serving as a hub for trading valuable items. Accumulating gold is necessary to purchase high-end equipment, rare mounts, enchantments, glyphs, gems, and more. To succeed at an auction house, it is important to know where to obtain in-demand items. This WoW SoD gold-farming guide will cover various methods to significantly increase your wealth during SoD Phase. For those who do not want to waste most of their gaming time on farming gold, there is an excellent alternative to buy a Season of Discovery gold cheaply on a proven platform.

Profitable Professions in SoD

Leveling professions will net you a lot of gold, just as in any other edition of the game. And the more in-demand your profession is, the more gold you will make. You have the option of becoming a gatherer, which is easier and less profitable than crafting but is always in demand. Or you may become a crafter yourself, going through the difficult process of collecting suitable ingredients and increasing your profession for greater profit. 

Tailoring and Alchemy are a particularly good combo of professions for making gold. Bags are a much bigger deal in the Classic edition of the game, and SoD is no exception. Thus, as a tailor, you will always be able to sell a lot of bags. Consumables are another item that is always in high demand. Because various potions and flasks are always sought-after, rolling an Alchemist will give you a massive gold gain.

Farming Dark Iron Ordinance

Dark Iron Ordinance is an item in World of Warcraft that is used for the Dark Iron Ordinance quest. It is part of unlocking the Class Runes and is required to trade with Grizzby, who can be found in the inn in Ratchet, on the Eastern part of the Barrens. This Goblin merchant has a Rune for each class in the WoW Classic Season of Discovery. The fact that Dark Iron Ordinances are not bound on pickup and can be traded or sold in AH makes them a great way to farm gold. Mobs that drop this item are as follows:

  •  Dark Iron Dwarf
  •  Dark Iron Tunneler
  •  Dark Iron Saboteur
  •  Dark Iron Demolitionist

What makes the Dark Iron Ordinance expensive in the Auction House is that these level 28 mobs are elite, and, therefore, not every player can easily obtain these items.

Farming Iridescent Pearl

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, the coveted Iridescent Pearl serves as a crucial crafting reagent across various professions, most notably sought after for the creation of Spidersilk Boots. These Cloth boots boast formidable armor and provide boosts to Stamina, Intellect, and Spirit, requiring a Tailoring skill of 125 and a character level of 20 for donning.

Given the demand for such potent gear, Iridescent Pearls command a high market value, reaching approximately eight gold each on the Auction House within the European realm of Crusader Strike, mirroring trends on servers worldwide.

Securing Iridescent Pearls presents three viable avenues in WoW Classic Season of Discovery. While direct looting from specific bosses and Elite mobs such as the Blue Shale Crawler is possible, the inefficiency of this method is apparent. Fishing directly in Azshara, Feralas, and The Hinterlands offers an alternative but demands a significant time investment.

Optimally, opening Thick-shelled Clams emerges as the most efficient strategy. These clams can be obtained from a range of monsters, including Murlocs, and harbor the coveted pearls. For Horde players, the shores between the Ruins of Southshore and Azurelode Mine in Hillsbrad Foothills prove fertile grounds. Meanwhile, Alliance members can traverse to Bluegill Marsh in Wetlands, where Murlocs consistently yield Thick-shelled Clams. These prime locations ensure a steady supply of Iridescent Pearls for aspiring craftsmen and adventurers alike.

Farming Specific Leatherworking Materials

Deviate Scale and Perfect Deviate Scale are required for crafting one of the best leather belts in Phase 1 of SoD. Thus, materials used for it are in high demand. These scales can be found both around and within the Wailing Caverns. Both Horde and Alliance have access to this spot, which means that it is convenient for most players. The perfect version is much more expensive than the regular one, so it is the one you should be looking for the most. 

Red Whelp Scale is required for a great pair of gloves, and farming resources for that are also great. Alliance players can kill Red Whelp in Wetlands and auction off the scales for a pretty penny. If you are up for the challenge, you can farm Thick Murloc Scale from Murlocs located in Dustwallow Marsh, Hillsbrad Foothills, and Stranglethorn Vale. Getting to them is no easy task, and killing them is even more difficult. However, if you can do so, you will discover that selling Murloc Scales is extremely profitable.

Farming Madwolf Bracers

Madwolf Bracers stand out as some of the finest bracers available in Phase 1 for specific classes. To snag these, you’ll need to hunt down Nightbane Vile Fang Worgens in Duskwood. The challenge? Similar to tackling Dark Iron Ordinance farming, it involves dealing with a high-level elite mob.

These Worgens typically range from levels 28 to 30, making them quite a tough nut to crack for solo attempts across most classes. However, the payoff is worthwhile — this farming expedition yields valuable Bind on Equip items and a substantial amount of raw silver. And for those with leatherworking skills, an added bonus is available: skinning the Worgens provides Heavy Leather, a sought-after commodity that commands a respectable price on the Auction House.

Final Words

Dive into wealth-building in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery Phase 1 with our gold-farming guide. Whether perfecting professions or facing elite mobs, this guide unveils diverse paths to prosperity. From strategic choices to concealed opportunities, discover the secrets to effortlessly accumulating gold. Your ticket to riches in World of Warcraft is right here!