By  //  April 13, 2012

Brevard Physicians Network (BPN) is an Independent Practice Association (IPA) consisting of approximately 300 physicians representing all medical and geographical coverage in Brevard County, Florida.

At BPN we believe that physicians should be freed from the ever-growing administrative tasks brought on by the continually changing and complex payer requirements. BPN is dedicated to providing a solution that enables you to focus on your passion – caring for your patients.

BPN’s Guidelines and Principles:

• Create teams of highly-skilled employees

• Deliver measurable increases to physician revenue

• Find solutions for decreasing fixed office costs

• Providing physicians with the services they desire

• Deliver measurable cost savings to payers

BPN was formed in 1995 to provide a vehicle for physicians to maintain an independent practice of medicine; yet be a part of a large negotiating entity. With nearly 300 physicians in Brevard County BPN has allowed its physicians to obtain the maximum rates when negotiating manage care contracts and other services.

Over the years BPN has been able to set the standard for medicine in Brevard County through the finest physicians available. Almost 90 percent of BPN physicians have become board certified. Each BPN physician is credentialed by the experienced BPN staff to assure that each one of our physicians meets the BPN standard. With over 100 primary care physicians, and almost 200 specialists,  there is no area of medicine left untouched.

The goal of BPN has always been to provide the highest quality medical care to patients, yet assume the responsibility of keeping that care at a cost everyone can afford. We hope that after learning about BPN you will ask your local physician if he or she is a member of the BPN network. n

For more information about BPN call 321-757-7600 or log on to BrevardPhysicians.com