VIDEO: Fisherman Hoping To Snag A Few Catfish Catches Huge Gator Instead

By  //  April 16, 2016

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'That’ll get your blood pumping!'

ABOVE VIDEO: A fisherman was hoping to snag a few catfish, but instead hauled up a huge gator. (Lance Burgos video)

( – A fisherman was camping with his family at Lake Fausse Point State Park in Louisiana and set out fishing lines at different places along the shoreline, hoping to snag a few catfish.

He was checking one of the lines with his kid in the back of his boat, filming the whole thing on GoPro, and thought he’d caught a fish — and hauled up the gaping mouth of a huge gator instead.

Needless to say, he paddled out of there while the poor kid whimpered in terror. “That’ll get your blood pumping!” he laughed.


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