Uneighbors Launches Free Crime Prevention Program

By  //  February 21, 2012


BREVARD COUNTY • INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA – Over 550 neighborhoods have pre-registered for a free program that connects local residents and law enforcement agencies through new technologies to fight crime.

“These new technologies combined with a community infrastructure of home owners associations, groups, organizations and community leaders will change the way the public and law enforcement work together to stay ahead of criminal activity,” said founder Kiffini Andreas.

The foundation of the Uneighbors program provides residents the ability to alert their neighbors on their mobile phones, e-mail or by automated phone calls for any type of criminal activity in the area. The alerts can be sent anonymously from local residents to all participating neighbors, while immediately notifying their local law enforcement agency.

Law enforcement has the ability to respond to each alert, expand the alert to adjacent communities, and include vital information related to the content of the alert. The Uneighbors program also allows law enforcement to initiate alerts and direct them to a specific neighborhood or county wide.

In addition to real time alerts the Uneighbors program focuses on other crime prevention facets including one of the nation’s fastest growing crimes, identity theft. Every household is enrolled in an identity theft insurance policy; the policy provides victims of identity theft access to specialists that will assist them in restoring their personal information.

Location of All Registered Sex Offenders

Each resident at the time of registering is provided the location of all registered sex offenders that are living within a 1-mile radius of their residence, if newly registered sex offenders should move into their neighborhood after enrolling in the Uneighbors program, they are alerted with the updated information.

The alert and notification program also allows all registered users the ability to alert neighbors to missing persons or a lost pet.

“With the rate of crime on the increase, and funding for law enforcement agencies on the decrease, it’s easy to figure out that criminals have the advantage,” said Andreas.

“We have created a very effective tool for both law enforcement and neighborhoods to help each other in preventing crime. We have worked over the last year with Indian River County Sheriffs department crime prevention unit, Brevard County Sheriff and many other local law enforcement agencies asking for their input on how to assist them in their crime prevention efforts, as well as community leaders on how to maximize enrollment and participation of all residents.”

Free of Charge Through Sponsorship of Selected Business Partners

Uneighbors provides these services to residents and law enforcement free of charge through sponsorship of selected business partners. Uneighbors includes each partner in all aspects of the program, educating all residents on the businesses that make it possible to provide the program at no cost.

Uneighbors takes a very unique approach to the selection of each partner, with input from law enforcement as well as community leaders. Only one business type is included, eliminating completion within the program. The business sponsors play a key role in creating incentives to residents to drive both registration and participation.

Uneighbors is a free resource to all residents, groups and organizations to assist in fighting crime in their local neighborhoods as well as online. Uneighbors also works with every law enforcement agency to provide the most current technology to communicate with residents in the form of both emergency and non-emergency information.

For more information log on to Uneighbors.com or call 800-805-3299.