Gentiva Chooses Sushoo Health Information Exchange

By  //  April 15, 2012


BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Healthcare reform and the associated changes that come with it are now affecting more than just physician offices.

Dr. Priyanka

Hospitals, surgery centers and other ancillary providers are actively testing the technology waters that now resemble more of a giant wave than a ripple.

That’s why Gentiva’s two Melbourne, Florida, locations recently purchased the Sushoo Health Information Exchange (HIE) software, and went “live” with the industry leading Sushoo HIE.

“We are very pleased to see the ancillary providers like Gentiva starting to realize the effectiveness of HIE,” said Dr. Geetha Priyanka, Sushoo’s medical director.

“Sushoo has not only simplified Gentiva’s daily operations but it has enhanced their overall patient care.”

Gentiva has over 40 years experience providing home healthcare services nationwide including skilled nursing, cardiac and pulmonary care, neurorehabiliation, wound care, infusion, disease and pain management, patient medication information and hospice care.

“Sushoo has helped streamline our work tremendously,” said Nancy Deardorff, RN, and branch director for Gentiva.


“Sushoo has enabled us to maintain the patient chart completely – in real time, with notes from the primary care physician, any specialists, the hospital and any other medical professional who have had interaction with the patient. It’s all now at our finger tips which allows our staff to have a more complete and immediate understanding of our patients.

“At Gentiva our care has always been defined by our clinical expertise and the compassion we deliver every day – one patient at a time. We now utilize Sushoo to expand upon that ideology,” said Deardorff.

Sushoo Means Convenience

Developed in Brevard county, Florida, Sushoo HIE is the brainchild of entrepreneur Naveen Venkatachalam and his wife, Dr. Priyanka. This is not the first time the couple has partnered in electronic conception.

Seven years ago, the two launched Doctors Partner electronic medical records software, in part because of Priyanka’s need to computerize her office records without spending a bundle.

“Sushoo has not only simplified Gentiva’s daily operations but it has enhanced their overall patient care.”

With Sushoo HIE, physicians, nursing homes and hospitals–no matter where they are located–can be on the same page, with instant access to patient information. “The network can connect the entire country,” said Venkatachalam.

For patients, Sushoo HIE means convenience. By allowing healthcare providers to simply and securely share data over the internet with another physician or care giving organization, Sushoo spares patients the hassle of duplicate tests and data collection.

Sushoo was launched in 2009 and is now used in South Carolina and Idaho – as well as in Central Florida. Originally created as a small side project for Venkatachalam and Dr. Priyanka, they are now doing business in 32 states and have over 40 employees.

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