BPN STAR PHYSICIAN: Dr. Stephane Naoumoff

By  //  April 14, 2012


BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The Lorie Valley region of France has long been known for its architectural splendor, picturesque scenery and production of some of the finest wines in the world.

DR. NAOUMOFF’s staff members include medical assistant Breannae McDowell, receptionist Brittany Schenk, manager Kathy Stewart and physician’s assistant Marze Houellemont. (Images courtesy of SpaceCoastMedicine.com)

But the Loire Valley also is the birthplace and starting point for one of the Space Coast’s top physicians, Dr. Stephane Naoumoff, chosen by the Brevard Physicians Network as a top performer for 2011for his Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set care and service rating.

“As far as I can remember, I always wanted to be a physician,” Naoumoff said. “First it was for learning about the science of the human body, but also to try and make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

Board certified in family medicine since 2001, Naoumoff received his medical degree from the University of Tours in France and completed residency at the University of Florida.

He said a number of factors have played a role in his outstanding patient care.“We pay attention to the guidelines for management of chronic diseases,” he said.

“Staff members are service-oriented and encouraged to work efficiently and with compassion to ease the stress of an office visit.”

“We also try to make patients understand the importance of meeting the targets to achieve optimal management of the illness.”

His office is at 1395 North Courtenay Parkway, Suite 100, on Merritt Island and the staff includes two medical assistants, a front desk secretary, an office manager and a physician assistant.

“Everybody is encouraged to work efficiently and with compassion to ease the stress of the office visit for patients,” Naoumoff said. “All staff members are service-oriented.”

Naoumoff said every day is special when it comes to his chosen profession and interacting with his patients.

“Medicine is such an exciting field and family medicine is so various that is rarely boring,” he said.

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