Vetting Candidates, Beginning With Mitt Romney

By  //  May 6, 2012


In response to the article by Charles Parker, can I ask that we start vetting candidates by beginning with Mitt Romney?


I would ask him why his campaign signs say “Believe in America” and yet he shelters billions in off-shore accounts and in Switzerland.

Romney is a typical pandering Republican who says and does whatever he must to get elected. Lets examine his record.

First he was for a women’s “right to choose” but since becoming a Republican candidate for president, he’s suddenly against it.

Romney was all for health care reform and implemented it as governor of Massachusetts. It served as the basis for the Affordable Care and Patient Reform Act of 2010, which Parker refers to as “Obamacare.”

But now since he announced his run for president, Romney is opposed to health care reform.

Romney condemned President Obama for sending military aid to NATO troops assisting rebels trying to out Qaddafi in Lbya.

But before the South Carolina primary he says he’s all for military intervention in Iran.

President Obama

The bottom line is Romney has no real solutions to our nation’s problems. But that’s typical for conservatives and the Republican Party in general.

When it comes to every issue for the past 25 years, all Republicans want to do is cut spending so they can give enormous and unfair tax breaks to millionaires and corporations at the expense of the middle class.

And who supports these Republicans, yep, you guessed it, millionaires and corporations who have demonized everything from health care reform to birth control and lest we not forget former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum who said he believes obtaining a college education hurts young people.

How can one party be so wrong so often?

Simple, take a good hard look at Mitt Romney. Enormously wealthy, by profession a corporate raiser who put millions of Americans out of work, a failed governor who could not even get re-elected in his own state.

That’s the Republican candidate for president. Can’t you guys do better than that?

– Jay D. Dineen