Space Coast Daily Brings News of Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in UK

By  //  June 4, 2012

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UNITED KINGDOM • LONDON, ENGLAND – The rain and cold in London failed to dampen a marvellous spirit of celebration – as hundreds of thousands of well-wishers lined the banks of the River Thames to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

For 60 years, Queen Elizabeth II has ruled as the monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth – and the people of the UK, along with nations all over the world, are spending four days to celebrate this remarkable achievement.

As the video above shows, courtesy of British broadcaster Sky News, the highlight of the weekend was the Royal River Pageant on the Thames through the centre of London, possibly the most famous stretch of waterway in the world.

Thousands of tourists, including  Americans and among them Floridians from Brevard County, are in London to witness and take part in the royal festivities.

Her Majesty, who’s 86, was on board the Royal Barge, Spirit of Chartwell, with her husband Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh – who celebrates his 90th birthday on June 10.

Her eldest son Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales and next in line to the throne, was with her – along with her grandchildren and other senior royals.

Centuries ago, her royal predecessors Henry VIII and Charles II loved to use the River Thames to celebrate major royal occasions.

Today is no different and  two public holidays have been granted in Britain to mark The Queen’s six decades on the throne.

Pomp and circumstance was to the fore as more than 1000 craft of all shapes and sizes joined in the river pageant – the crowds cheering and waving and singing to Her Majesty.

People in the UK and in nations all over the world are marking The Queen's Diamond Jubilee (Official image)

There were trumpet salutes from elite musicians and Tower Bridge was raised as the Royal Barge took up her mooring to watch the pageant royal go by.   Organisers said some 1.2 million people packed into central London to enjoy the festivities – despite the bad weather.

But a helicopter fly-past, which would have marked the culmination of the day, was cancelled due to the conditions.

The flotilla was the largest on the River Thames since 1662 – when one was held in honour of Charles II.

Vessels mustered from 11:30 BST, with the Queen boarding the Royal Barge at 14:30 BST – and not leaving until 18:00 BST.

Beacons around the world have been lit to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.  New Zealand, Tonga and Australia were among the first countries to light their beacons.


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