2012 Brevard County Passing League Enters Final Week

By  //  July 18, 2012

Cocoa Tigers 4-0 In Week 6

BREVARD COUNTY • MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA – It may be hard to believe, but following Monday night’s 2012 Brevard County Passing League games at Merritt Island High School, just one week remains on the schedule for the annual prep summer showcase.

Cocoa Beach quarterback David Dessent takes a snap during a Brevard County passing League Week 6 game. (Image by Lynn Smith)

Prep teams participating this season have included Astronaut, Bayside, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Eau Gallie, Florida Air Academy, Heritage, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Satellite, Space Coast, Titusville and Viera.

Rules are basic, with one point awarded for a first down or a defensive stop on downs. An interception is three points and a touchdown is six points.

Teams have the option of going for one point after a TD or two points, with one point awarded if they attempt a point-after from the 3-yard-line or 2 points if they try it from the 10-yard-line.

Each game is 20 minutes in length with a running clock with a three-minute break between games.

All games are played on a 40-yard field. First down markers are set at the 20-yard-line with regular end zones. Teams have four downs to score and play is dead if the ball touches the ground, including mishandled snaps.

Merritt Island players huddle during a break between Brevard County Passing League games Monday at Merritt Island High School. (Image by Lynn Smith)

There is a 40-seond “good faith” clock between plays and defensive teams are not allowed to tackle opponents or rush the quarterback. In the event of a tie, the ball will be placed on the 10-yard line and teams will have one-play series to score on alternate possessions until a winner is decided.

Most prep football teams who participate use the summer league to test out new offensive game plans or to just work on timing or playing together in a low-stress environment.

The 2012 Brevard County Passing League season concludes Monday with games at Titusville High School.

Here are results from Week 6 games:

Round 1

Cocoa 23, Merritt Island 15

Cocoa Beach 13, Space Coast 8

Titusville BYE

Round 2

Cocoa 20, Cocoa Beach 5

Merritt Island 13, Titusville 12

Space Coast BYE

Round 3

Cocoa Beach 18, Titusville 8

Cocoa 21, Space Coast 7

Merritt Island BYE

Round 4

Titusville 25, Space Coast 7

Merritt Island 18, Cocoa Beach 15

Cocoa BYE

Round 5

Merritt Island 36, Space Coast 1

Cocoa 29, Titusville 8

Cocoa Beach BYE

Week 6 Standings

Cocoa                          4-0

Merritt Island             3-1

Cocoa Beach               2-2

Titusville                    1-3

Space Coast                0-4

Overall Standings

Cocoa              8-0       1.000

Bayside           5-1       .833

Heritage          8-3       .727

Merritt Island 13-5     .722

Cocoa Beach   11-6     .647

Florida Air      11-8-1 .579

Rockledge       7-5-1   .538

Titusville        6-13     .316

Viera               4-12     .250

Space Coast    3-18-1 .136

Satellite          0-3       .000

Astronaut        0-4       .000