Deputies Discover Murder-Suicide In Port St. John

By  //  July 7, 2012

Near Scene Of Deadly May Shootings

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BREVARD COUNTY • PORT ST. JOHN, FLORIDA – Tragedy has struck again in the same neighborhood in Port St. John where a mother murdered her four children and then committed suicide in May.

On Friday, Brevard County Sheriff’s Department deputies found the bodies of Glenn Laughlin, 57, and his girlfriend, Robin Ainsworth, 47,  in a residence at 7271 Achilles Road.

Investigators believe a domestic argument turned deadly when Ainsworth threatened to leave Laughlin.

Deputies found packed bags in the home belonging to Ainsworth.

Investigators think Laughlin killed Ainsworth and then shot himself, but will know more as evidence is analyzed.

The residence is in the same neighborh0od where Tonya Thomas shot and killed her children and herself in May.

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  1. Her last name is spelled Ainsworth. She is my aunt. Her bags were packed because she was supposed to be on a plane this week for my sisters wedding. Not because she was leaving him. No one truly knows what went on, or why things happened the way they did. My Aunt Robin was one of the kindest people you would have ever known. She had a big heart. She loved animals and loved making people smile. My mom and Nana were her best friends. She was close to her family. She was supposed to be on the plane and at my sister’s wedding today. But instead, this happened. We’re really all in a state of shock still. We all miss her very much and love her and wish things were different. This is really just very hard on us. Please get the story right before you post things. And atleast spell her last name correctly if your going to post anything.

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