Jail Supervisors Achieve Certification Proficiency

By  //  August 10, 2012

Management Standouts

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Fifteen Brevard County Jail supervisors recently took up the challenge by Jail Commander Susan Jeter to exceed standards by further testing and demonstrating their level of professionalism and expertise in the field of corrections.

Brevard County Jail supervisors have completed ACA management certification. Back row from left are Commander Susan Jeter, Lieutenant James Dodson, Lieutenant Ronald Tomblin, Sergeant Edward Ostrom, Lieutenant Kelly Haman and Lieutenant George Fayson. Seated from left are Sergeant Michelle Patrick, Major Gregory Robertson and Sergeant Brian Seeley. (Image coyurtesy Brevard County Sheriff's Department)

By preparing for this certification testing in management, it required an enormous amount of dedication and commitment by each participant to achieve this level.

Completing ACA testing for Certified Corrections Executives are Major Gregory  Robertson and Major Darrell Hibbs.

Completing ACA certification as Certified Corrections Managers are Lieutenant George Fayson, Lieutenant Ronald Tomblin and Lieutenant James Dodson.

Completing ACA certification as Certified Corrections Supervisors are Sergeant Beldon Ferguson, Sergeant Clifford Ferguson, Lieutenant Kelly Haman, Sergeant  Darryl McCullough, Sergeant Edward Ostrom, Sergeant Alan Rainey, Sergeant Rodney Richter, Sergeant Michelle Patrick, Sergeant Robbie Stokes and Sergeant Brian Seeley.

These supervisors have distinguished themselves in their field by achieving this prestigious ACA certification,” Jeter said.

Certification by the American Correctional Association improves staff training and development and establishes measurable criteria for upgrading operations, morale, and professionalism.

These standards provide a safer environment for staff as well as those who are in the custody of the  Brevard County Sheriff.