Police Apprehend Rockledge Supermarket Robbery Suspect

By  //  August 11, 2012

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Desperate For Cash

BREVARD COUNTY • TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA – A man suspected of robbing the Aldi Supermarket in Rockledge has been arrested after a store manager in Titusville recognized him from a video of the incident.

Jeffrey Stanley of Palm Bay, 33, has been arrested for the Aug. 1 armed robbery of the Aldi Supermarket in Rockledge. (Image courtesy of Brevard County Sheriff's Department)

The Rockledge Aldi at 628 Barnes Boulevard was robbed on the evening of Aug. 1 by a man who hid in the store until it closed. He then forced a store employee into the office, where he restrained him with duct tape and zipties before making off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police said that on Thursday night a man approached the Aldi Supermarket at 4650 South Street in Titusville while concealing a handgun under his clothing. He wore a hat and attempted to cover his face.

The store manager suspected he was the same person who robbed the Rockledge Aldi and immediately notified police.

The suspect, Jeffrey Stanley of Palm Bay, 33, tried to flee but was quickly apprehended by a Titusville Police Department patrol unit.

Upon a search, police found Stanley was carrying a gun, duct tape and zipties in his pants.

Stanley was arrested for armed robbery of the Rockledge Aldi, kidnapping, aggravated assault with a firearm, loitering and prowling, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. He is currently in the Brevard County Jail.

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  1. mad props to the store mgr for recognizing the criminal…..but damn, how do you “hide” in ALDI? All the merchandise is palletized……did he hide in the walk in cooler or something…..? Sounds really crazy……well, it’s not like Macy’s or JCPenney where there’s racks of clothing to hide under……

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