L2 Aerospace Continues To Roll Out Innovative Technologies

By  //  February 26, 2013

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(VIDEO: RocketLabNZ)

BREVARD COUNTY • CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA – After completing a major milestone last year with its mini Instant Eyes™ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Melbourne-based L2 Aerospace is now working on using hydrogen storage technology for small, fuel-cell-powered unmanned aircraft systems and other larger manned vehicles.

L2 is optimistic the new hydrogen storage capability, formulated along with Cape Canaveral’s Cella Energy, will give unmanned aerial vehicles about three times the duration of standard lithium ion battery life through a light innovative new hydrogen fuel cell that converts chemical energy into electricity.

The L2 track record is strong with the success of Instant Eyes™, which had extensive engineering test flights in New Zealand in 2011 and an operational test flight in Palm Bay a year ago.

The UAV technology underwent realistic operational conditions during the flights, in preparation for operational demonstrations for NATO and U.S. military users.

It is a hand-held, rocket launched UAV designed to be used by front line troops, first responders, border patrol agents and others that require real-time situational awareness.

U.S. Air Force General (Ret.) Lance Lord is the L2 Aerospace CEO and Chairman. (Image courtesy of L2 Aerospace)

Rocket technology propels the UAV to about 2,500 feet altitude and provides high-resolution imagery, GPS and meta data within only 20 seconds of launch. Instant Eyes™ was named one of Popular Science Magazine’s “Top 100 Innovative Technologies of 2011.”

“Instant Eyes™ exceeded our expectations at this stage of its development,” said L2 Aerospace CEO and Chairman Lance Lord, a retired Air Force General. “Not only were the launches flawless, the immediate image transmission from the flight unit at 2,500 feet to a ROVER laptop on land were instantaneous and  exceedingly clear.”

L2 Aerospace was established in 2010 by Lord. It is a growing, innovative company providing critical ground, air and space-based products and services to support today’s dynamic aerospace markets.

L2 Aerospace is comprised of three complimentary business units focused on delivering innovative Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and Flight Systems, Engineering Services and Cyber Solutions at the speed of need.

For more information about L2, visit www.L2aerospace.com.