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Workshop Gathers Distinguished Artists

BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE BEACH, FLORIDA – Throughout time, artists have sought to depict the human image and to capture the essence of being.

Chris Bergum paints at a figures and expression workshop held in Melbourne Beach. (Image by Julia Rose Groom)

Figures and expressions never cease to intrigue us and portrait artists commemorate this in a way that transcends language.

A chance to partake in this ancient craft now awaits us right here in Brevard.

Artists gathered at the Perkins private riverfront property in Melbourne Beach earlier this month to enhance their abilities.

The event was led by the nationally renowned Cedric and Joanette Egeli , who maintain their skills well into their 70’s. The gentle breeze and late afternoon sun created a setting that was more than ideal.

While the group settled on the best spot for the day’s instruction, the prominent sculptor Stephen Perkins toiled at his masterpiece “Veritae” in the shade of his studio.

The whole scene was swelling with creativity.

Model Kelly Abbot poses for artists by the Indian River during a figures and expression workshop in Melbourne Beach. (Image by Julia Rose Groom)

Cedric and Joanette Egeli of Maryland have completed paintings for everywhere from the Pentagon to the Brooklyn Museum.

The amiable pair painted alongside others during a recent six-day workshop in Melbourne Beach.

Joanette inspired the group to draw the brilliance of the scene into their work through color.  Cedric strolled up alongside a graceful, young model and mimicked her pose to demonstrate where the hips hinge.

The comparison received a few giggles before an air of concentrated creativity resumed.

The Egeli Legacy began with Cedric’s father, Bjorn Egeli. He was a preeminent painter from the last century who painted the likes of Nixon and Eisenhower.

All of his Bjorn’s children pursued careers as professional artists and Cedric’s children have continued the trend. Ingrid Egeli is the youngest of his four children and also is equally blessed as a portrait artist.

“I was raised with a paint brush in my hand,” she said.

Ingrid will be accepting commissions locally beginning in April.

Stephen Perkins will host the next big event at the Artists Guild of Melbourne from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 30.

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