Space Coast Spring Fair, April 17-27 In Viera Has Free Rides

By  //  April 17, 2013


Kayla Nettles

The Space Coast Spring Fair will feature a great music series featuring Disney Radio’s IM5, Taylor Mathews and Kayla Nettles. Taylor Mathews was a Finalist on America’s Got Talent on NBC in Season 5, and his single “Head Over Feeling” music video is a huge hit.

IM5 is an up-and-coming Boy Band gaining massive fan support and being compared musically to Justin Bieber. Kayla Nettles was raised in Titusville, Florida – and now is making music in Nashville. She was on American Idol and hosts many shows in the Nashville area.


BREVARD COUNTY, VIERA • FLORIDA— The Space Coast Spring Fair, a much loved fun festival, returns to Brevard this April at Space Coast Stadium – to the delight of all fair lovers across the Space Coast!

The Zipper and 200 other popular free rides and shows may be enjoyed from open to close for just $10 during the weekdays, and $15 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

“During the past 27 years, the Space Coast State Fair has become the most highly attended and most popular festival of its kind on the Space Coast and the fair committee decided that it was time to bring back Spring Fair – a spring version of the Space Coast State Fair for all Brevard to enjoy,” said Giles Malone, chairman of the fair committee.

The Space Coast Spring Fair will be held at the fair grounds, at Space Coast Stadium in Viera, Florida, April 17-27 and will include many of the same elements that has made the Space Coast State Fair so popular and successful.

“Free unlimited rides on the midway, free shows, free concerts and free entertainment, all for just $10 or $12 has been hugely popular and that is what the the Space Coast Spring Fair will also offer.

Candy apples will be enjoyed by thousands at the Space Coast Spring Fair, April 17-27, 2013.

And of course, all the great fair foods and drinks that people love to enjoy while strolling the fair with their friends will be available.

Viera is such a great location for the fair as it is such a beautiful, modern, clean, safe and easily accessible place from all parts of the county”.

The worlds finest amusement rides, games and shows will once again be provided by North American Midway Entertainment, which is the same company that provides the rides for the Space Coast State Fair.

The the Space Coast Spring Fair will be sponsored by Brighthouse Networks, Savings Safari,, Mavericks Sports Grill, Dental and many other local Brevard businesses.

IM5 will perform on April 17 at Space Coast Spring Fair*

The popular musical group IM5 will perform a concert to open the Space Coast Spring Fair on Wednesday, April 17. Tickets for the concert will be sold seperately starting at $15.


For tickets and information call 321-323-4460 or e-mail


Torres Family Circus

Other free shows will include the Torres Family Circus, two Pro Bull Riding shows, an Equestrian Show, Sheep Herding  exhibit,  Live Musical Performances – AND MORE!

Sheep Herding Demonstrations On Sunday


Stuart Ballantyne’s Craigmalloch Border Collies from the Dunedin Highland Games and from the Ft. Lauderdale Highland Games Sheep Dog Demonstraions will bring a wealth of stock and dog knowledge which is used daily on his farm.

Sheep Herding will perform a sheep herding demonstration at 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 21.

Stuart was born and raised on a small Scottish farm where they had two small residences – Lambdoughty Farm and Craigmalloch farm.

The farm ran a small flock of about 2400 head of Scottish Blackface sheep. The Blackface wool makes the best Harris tweed and Axminster carpets.

Space Coast State Fair 2012 layout Stuart moved to the U.S ten years ago and began Sheep herding once again about four and a half years ago

Stuart met Lucia Skipwith Lilien about 2 years ago and one of their first dates was whelping a litter of puppies, two of whom they have and train now – Dairsie and Hailes.

They now have a small flock of Scottish Blackface sheep on a small farm and train their five Border Collies Rock, Keene, Dairsie, Hailes and Tyne to work stock and compete in herding competitions across the United States.

The Craigmalloch Border Collies will perform sheep herding demonstrations on Sunday April 21 at 3pm.

Stuart makes shepherds crooks from sheep horn and recently was approached by a film maker about the possibility of making a documentary about crook making as it is such a dying art.

Lucia has proved to be a natural at caring for the stock and learning the art of herding.

Her medical background and her intense love of the animals empowers her greatly, making her a very devoted farm partner.

Stuart and Lucia deliver lambs together during lambing season and make sure the flock and the dogs remain not only healthy, but in superior health.

It is a full time job, as anyone can tell you that has been around livestock. An experienced public speaker, Lucia brings a demonstration to life with her dialogue.

Live Music in the Miller Coors Pavilion

Brevard’s best local musicians will have an opportunity to perform on the Miller/Coors Stage from 6pm-10pm in the Songwriters Showcase.

On Friday evening from 6pm-10pm the Rough Edges band will perform on the Miller Coors Stage.

An another example of the rich talent that comes from Brevard county, the Rough Edges is a three-piece classic rock band from Merritt Island.

The up and coming Rough Edges band covers the music of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, and more similar artists of the 60s, 70s, and 90s.

Rough Edges band consists of younger musicians who thoroughly enjoy what they do and  who have much promise for their future musical careers.

Their musical style exhibits blues influence and an array of improvisational jams to season their covers with their passion and creativity.

Their sets are designed to engage audience members of any age.

The Pro Bull Riding Bash will take place at 8pm on Friday and Saturday evenings during the Spring Fair.

Also on Friday evening at 8pm there will be the PRO BULL RIDING BASH. Over 20 of the south’s best cowboys will take on 20 of the baddest and meanest steers known to man.

Renegade Rodeo Inc, which produces some of the top shows in the PBR, will present the PRO BULL RIDING BASH on both Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm at the Spring Fair.

Both shows are free along with free unlimited rides on the midway with paid admission to the fair.

Be sure to see this adrenaline pumping, exciting show that will leave you breathless as the cowboys take on these 2000 lb man eaters.

SRAZZ Band featuring Suzanah Free

On Saturday from 3pm-5pm one of central Florida’s most talented groups, the  SRAZZ Band featuring Suzanah Free will perform followed by one of the best up and coming central Florida entertainer’s, Johnny Danger Live!, who will have a pre-album release party  band from 6:30pm-11pm

On Sunday the JustUs band will perform from 2pm-5pm.

The JustUs Band is a 4/5 piece, high energy dance band based out of Rockledge, Florida.

The band plays at many venues throughout the Florida Space Coast.

With Rebecca on vocals,  Brian on drums/vocals, Joe on lead guitar and Patrick on bass guitar, JUSTUS is always a fun time for the whole family.

With an ever growing and changing set list, JUSTUS features the dance music you grew up with along with the current hits of today.

JustUs Band

So put on your dancing shoes and come out and have a great time with JustUs!

Following JUST US will be the D.J Kokopelli Dance Jam from 6pm-10pm with all your favorite dance music.

Sunday is FOREVER FLORIDA DAY, to celebrate all that Florida’s best natural attraction near St. Cloud has to offer.

Johnny Danger Live!

The “Eye of the Horse” program will display their horses who offer themselves for therapeutic purposes for people who benefit from the interaction from the gentle giants.


On Sunday, April 21, during the Space Coast Spring Fair, Beachside Physical Therapy will present “Step Up Brevard” where people can participate in a fun, healthy sponsored step event by walking the steps of the beautiful Space Coast Stadium to benefit a local charity.

Wyatt Werneth of Beachside Physical Therapy & Health Studio will present “Step Up Brevard,” a fun, sponsored step event inside Space Coast Stadium on April 21, during the Space Coast Spring Fair.

“We are very pleased to be able to present “Step Up Brevard” to encourage active and healthy living and to help a local charity,” said Werneth, Event Director for Beachside Physical Therapy & Health Studio, which has  five locations for physical therapy across Brevard County.

The Space Coast Spring Fair will have many of the same elements as the Space Coast State Fair including unlimited rides and shows for just $10

2014 Space Coast Spring Fair Hours & Admission

(Includes Unlimited Rides and Shows From Open To Close)

• Friday, April 19: 5:00 p.m. – 12 midnight (JUST $15 ADMISSION)
• Saturday, April 20: 1:00 p.m. – 12 midnight (JUST $15 ADMISSION)
• Sunday, April 21: 1:00 – 11 p.m. (JUST $15 ADMISSION)

For more information call 321-323-4460 or e-mail


  1. Thank you for offering a chance at winning 2 tickets! It would male a nice gift for my daughter’s 12th Birthday. She could bring a friend and have more spending money for all of the food and games!

  2. I would love to be able to take my kids this weekend. My son has autism and always has a great time at the fair. The staff was great with my son at the last fair in viera!

  3. This fair is so much fun and my daughter LOVES everything about it. That might not seem unusual, but she has autism and has a hard time with the crowds, but the fun parts of this event outweighs her crowd-anxiety. And she’s finally tall enough (for the first time) to ride some of the bigger rides. We sure would appreciate winning the tickets, but are happy for whomever wins. Either way, we will be there!!

  4. We love when the fairs comes we get a group of family and friends together have a great time all together. Love seeing the kids on the rides either screaming or laughing. Just Love to have priceless memories!

  5. I would love to take my son! We rarely have the extra money to go! He is finally tall enough to ride the rides this year!! Please pick me so I can so my son a good time!! 🙂 thanks sooo much! 🙂

  6. I would like to win free tickets to the Fair because it is an amazing family adventure! We have two girls ages 4 and 6 and they love the rides and the excitement of the fair! Their laughter is priceless at this age! It’s a can’t miss event that our family can enjoy together!

  7. We have been going to the fair every year for the last 7 years before it moved and the kids love it. It is a nice way to go out and have some fun with the family no matter what the ages are. Can’t wait to go in the spring this year.

  8. We deserve 2 free tickets to the fair because we L♥ve the fair. We go every year and have SO much fun.

  9. I need to win these tickets because I am a single parent of a special needs teen and he loves the fair. I am a full time nursing student and work part time. We are making the best of a hard situation while i pursue a career so that I can take care of him. Please consider me for these tickets. Thank you in advance

  10. I think I should be able to receive two free tickets to the fair at Space Coast Stadium because I have a wonderful son that loves the fair and would be ecstatic to go. I would also have the money (that would have been spent on the tickets) to be able to enjoy some games and one (or two) of those delicious candy apples!

  11. We would love to visit the fair as a family this year. Unfortunately they dont do the Govt. employee day anymore and hard to afford for our family to go. We would love this quality time together. Thank you for your consideration!

  12. Going to the Space Coast Fair is the best Night Out. Great Food, Great Rides, Pay one Price and meet Neighbors and Friends for a Old Fashioned Fun Time. There is nothing like a Midway at the Fair where you can see all the Lights at Night and smell the greatest Food around.
    Space Coast Fair is for Everyone!

  13. To Me there is nothing better than a night out at the Space Coast Fair. I would Love to win the 2 Tickets to bring My Neighbor and enjoy what the Fair offers, which is a Great Deal. Just to walk around to see everyone smiling and having a Good Time and enjoying all the Food makes for a perfect night. The Space Coast Fair is for Everyone! I hope that I can win the Tickets

  14. I would love to have the tickets to the fair as this is the first year that my daughters finally meet the height requirements. At the age of 4 & 6, it would make for a great first time fair experience for them and FINALLY be able to ride the rides. Thanks for the chance Space Coast Fair!

  15. There is nothing better than going to a Fair, except going to the Space Coast Fair! You will have the greatest time with the Pay One Price and Ride all the Rides as much as you want, Eat the best Midway Food around, Free Live Music and Dancing, and meet up with Friends and neighbors and create Memories there. I would Love to win the Tickets to have a Night Out at the Fair. I look forward to this Great Fair again!

  16. I would love to win two free tickets & bring my friends two children. Then she would have a night to herself & I can have fun with the kiddies & fill them up with cotton candy.

  17. I would likke to win free tickets for me and my daughter bc I am a single parent full time worker and student and would like to spend some fun quality time with my daughter

  18. I would Love to win 2 tickets and be able to take my husband to the Space Coast Spring Fair! We have never been and it would be an awesome way to start off Spring!!

  19. I am so excited that I was chosen! Thank you so much!!! What a great surprise for my girls!!

  20. My daughters absolutely love the state fair. The last two years my youngest has not been able to ride the rides because she was not tall enough. Last year there were a couple she could ride but she sat on the sideline crying because her sister met the height requirements. This year my oldest can do the “big” kid rides and for the first time my little one can ride the kiddie rides. They would be ecstatic to win 2free tickets and actually be able to experience the fair for what I remember it being as a child myself. It was always the highlight of the year as a kid.

  21. My parents are two of the biggest kids i know…id love to gift them with some tix so they can enjoy themselves and the bright lights. Yes id love to go but id rather surprise them. They are true givers and for once id like them to be on the receiving end. Thanks.

  22. I love to take my kids to the fair because it is a safe environment where all the community comes out to have fun and support each other. It is also a great way to build fun unforgettable memories with your family! It is more than just rides and food, there is great free shows to enjoy as well! I would love to win free tickets for my boys so that I can take them to the fair because unfortunately I’m 5 mths pregnant and unable to work so money is very tight for us now and they have been so fourth coming on giving up some of their little luxuries lately that I would love to bring them to have fun and be a kid!

  23. Would love to win a ticket to the fair – taking the grandkids can get rather $$ and every little bit sure helps!!

  24. Every year you give a chance to tell a story and win free tickets, every year I post my reasons of why I should win and sadly say I never do! So this year I am going to switch it up a little, my daughter is 5 she still have not yet experienced the lights, fun, joy, and food at the fair because everything I decide to take her some financial situation come up! I would love to win these two ticket for me and my little girl so I can promise her and really mean it

  25. I would love to win tickets to take my 3 and a half year old daughter. She loved the last fair that you guys had. She went on every ride about 3 or 4 times each. I am currently 7 months pregnant and would LOVE to treat my daughter to a fun day at the fair before the baby comes in May. Thank You!!


  26. I would love to win a ticket, so I could bring my mother and brother also who are taking a train down here from Massachusetts just in time for the fair! We had a last last year and I would like to share all the fun and rides with my family who is visiting once a year!!!!

  27. I can use the tickets cuz I went for a. Family of 5 to a family of 7 right after I just gave birth to my daughter . My sister sign her kids away . So I was a mom of 2 now I have 2 I’m rasing my nephews now..then I went to get my tubes tired in Feb to be rushed back in a week later cuz I was bleeding. Internal and needed blood since december my life has been a roller coster

  28. I can use the tickets cuz I went for a. Family of 5 to a family of 7 right after I just gave birth to my daughter . My sister sign her kids away . So I was a mom of 2 now I have 2 I’m rasing my nephews now..then I went to get my tubes tired in Feb to be rushed back in a week later cuz I was bleeding. Internal and needed blood since december my life has been a roller coster..please help

  29. I have never been to the fair here and would love to go but kinda hard paying for a family of 5. Please pick us!!!!!!

  30. it would be grate to win tickets because i can finally go because my parents been gone overy time it was going on and if i win i can go with my best friend and his family and so i can have more money for all your food and awesome games that i heard you guys have thanks if i win.

  31. My family loves the fair because the kids always have a blast. Even the rain during the last fair couldn’t spoil our fun. Money is extremely tight these days so a free ticket would be greatly appreciated.

  32. I enjoy the fair and Brevard has the best in Florida…. I would like to win so that I could have a night out to enjoy and get dinner and just take in all the fun….. I have lived in Brevard now for 3 years and have actually been to the Fair only once but its the Best… Thanks.

  33. We would love to win these tickets for our little family. We are currently in school full time and working full time, so we would love a night out to get a break from our hectic lives and enjoy some fun quality time with our 2 year old daughter! Thank you for your consideration!

    -Kailye Marsh

  34. i tried posting yesterday…not sure what happened…but i would like to take my daughter to the fair because its the one place that has a lot of great rides for little kids and they can go on them mostly alone. I am 7 months pregnant and would love to have the opportunity to take her to the place she loved!! I think we were there for about 5 hours just letting her go on ride after ride and even though i cant go on any right now i would love to see the look on her face. The shows are amazing and the food is good. I really would like to have a fun day with my daughter and fiance at the fair before our son comes in may.

  35. I would like to win free tickets. We are new to the area and have 5 kids and free tickets would sure help the budget. My older kids love the rides and I love to watch them have fun. The younger ones love the smaller rides and the look on their faces are priceless.

  36. Wow,…..this sounds so great….I have lived here and have never been able to attend…I sure hope I can this year!!!!

  37. My whole family loves the space coast fair. It is the best fair in Florida. My daughter told me if I don’t take her I would be on punishment! Love how little minds work!

  38. I’d love to be able to win the two free tickets and be able to go to the fair with a family member or friend since money is tight, and I always have so much fun at the state fair. Good luck to everyone!

  39. My daughter loves the fair. She rides everything at least three times. We love the shows and concerts. The fair food is the best!

  40. I am a native brevard county resident, and love the Space Coast Fair. I have 2 children, 1 is 5, and 1 is 16. They love the fair as much as I. It would be wonderful if I could take them to see their smiles from ear to ear…..

  41. My daughter has been begging us to take her to the fair. With money being tight, we have not been able to attend the last few times the fair has been in town. Would love to win some tickets to make her day and see that smile on her face! Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. I enjoy having fun and the Spacecoast fair is the best on the East coast… I would enjoy a couple of free tickets because I am retired and have a fixed income…. I like to spend Money in the Fair on gifts and food and would be so happy to go and enjoy seeing all the happy faces… thank you.

  43. I would love to win tickets for me and my son to go together. We have never been to the Space Coast Fair and I have heard it is a huge, awesome event! My son has autism and doesn’t speak. I took him to a small fair once when he was smaller and the look on his face was priceless when he whipped around on the little daredevil kiddie rides. Now that he is much taller he can go on more daring rides which he I think he will absolutely love being the adrenaline junkie he is. I think this would be a wonderfully fun experience for both of us!

  44. I can’t wait to bring our 3 1/2 year old to experience your fair for the very first time!! There is nothing better than the lights of the rides and games noises from all the children’s laughter mixed with more ride sounds and of corse the yummy smells of all the things we swore to avoid on January 1…..I can’t wait to see your fair through the eyes of this child for the very first time….excitement and pure joy at its finest!!

  45. I would love to win tickets for my family. My kids are 11 & 6 and have never been to a fair. Hope we win 🙂

  46. I would love free tickets!! Last year I was unable to attend the fair with my family due an emergency out of town. I have two young Children and they absolutely love the fair! We love family events and entertainment, also another fun time to get their cousins who are very close in age together. Love family togetherness. Regardless, I am so excited that I do not have to wait until November to enjoy the fun! Its only next week 🙂

  47. Thanks for offering free tickets! We would love an opportunity to win them! We would love to take our two teenage daughters to the Space Coast Fair but because we are on a fixed income as my husband is 100 percent service connected disabled and is the only income at the moment. I am afraid they will not be experiencing the fair this year. Good luck to all that enter!


  49. Thank you for offering free tickets. My family loves the fair but this year it will be different for my daughter as her ride buddy (her Daddy) is not here at this time. He is overseas defending our country. My children have not seen their daddy in almost a year. Free tickets to us would show us the appreciation people have for our family and all other military members who have to go so long without seeing their loved ones.

  50. I like fair’s. I like free tickets. No sad story’s & having to cajole you into selecting me. Just send me 4 tickets! Please & Thank you

  51. I would love to take my grandchildren to the fair, I can’t afford to do special things with them. And I know they would just have a wonderful time. We would be so thankful.

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