Fatalities From Dog Attacks Much Higher than Sharks

By  //  August 4, 2013

ABOVE VIDEO: Shark Week on Discovery Channel devotes its programming to educate viewers about the low chance of shark attacks.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA — Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is among the most popular annual series on cable television.

While shark attacks draw attention from major media, the odds of dying from a

shark attack are far less than other predators, including dogs. According to the International

Shark Attack File, and the  National Canine Research Foundation, 38 people died from dog attacks in 2012 compared to seven fatalities from sharks. From 2000-2010, 263 died from dog attacks, compared to 10 from shark attacks.

Lightning Strike fatalities vs. Shark Attack fatalities in Florida ( 1959 to 2010):

  • Number of Florida Lightning Strike Fatalities:459
  • Number of Florida Shark Attack Fatalities:9

Tornado Fatalities vs.  Shark Attack Fatalities in Florida(1985 to 2010

  • Number of Florida Tornado Fatalities: 125
  • Number of Florida Shark Attack Fatalities: 6

Bicycle-Related Fatalities vs. Shark Attack Fatalities in Florida (From the year 1990 to 2009)

  • Number of Florida Bicycle Fatalities: 2,272
  • Number of Florida Shark Attack Fatalities: 4

Sources: International Shark Attack File, Centers for Disease Control, NOAA,NHTSA

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