Disney’s Ratings War: Bachelor vs. BCS Title Game

By  //  January 6, 2014

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Who Will Win: The Bachelor or the BCS?

ABOVE VIDEO: ABC’S hit show “The Bachelor” premiers its new season tonight. The premier coincides with the BCS National Championship game between Auburn and FSU, which will air on ESPN. Both stations are owned by Disney. Video courtesy of ABC.

One of the most highly anticipated BCS championship games in years will coincide with one of the most popular television programs among women ages 25-45, as the Bachelor returns to ABC’s weekly lineup with a season premier. Disney owns ABC and ESPN.

Last year, the Bachelor was watched by approximately 10 million viewers, while the BCS National Championship game was watched by 26 million, despite the fact that the game was on cable, rather than network television.

Which program will you be watching? Will your house be divided? Comment below.