Charlie Crist Blames U.S. Embargo for Cuban Suffering

By  //  February 11, 2014

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ABOVE VIDEO: During a book signing in Ft. Myers, Charlie Crist blames the U.S. embargo against Cuba for Cuban suffering. Video courtesy of Javier Manjarres at

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UPDATE: ABOVE VIDEO: Protesters Boo Charlie Crist at a Campaign Rally in Miami. Anti-Fidel Castro and pro-U.S embargo to Cuba supporters Were Upset About Crist Blaming the US, Rather than Castro, for Cuban Citizens’ Suffering. Video Courtesy of

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA — Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist has called for an end to the U.S. embargo of Cuba.

Charlie Crist
Charlie Crist

“It’s been 50 years, and it hasn’t worked,” Crist said.”And because that amount of time, you want to see if policies can work, and can come to fruition. It’s apparent to me, after 52 years, I think it is now, that this one has not. And I don’t want the people of Cuba to suffer anymore, and I think if we enter in trade with Cuba, it will help Florida and America, and the people of Cuba.”

Do you agree with Crist, or do you believe Fidel Castro deserves the majority of the blame for the Cubans suffering?