VIDEO: The Fresh Beet Grocery Guide-Unscrambling Egg Labels

By  //  March 4, 2017

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pasture raised, animal welfare approved eggs are healthiest

ABOVE VIDEO: Vegetarian Fed, Free Range, Cage Free, Certified Humane. Egg labels got you confused? Rightfully so – like many other products in the grocery store, egg cartons are now also obnoxiously decorated with label claims. And while some labels are well regulated, some labels mean diddly squat In this TheFreshBeet Grocery Guide video Ashley Galloway Thomas, clinical dietitian and nutrition expert, explains what all those egg labels mean and suggests the one that may be the healthiest, most humane and most sustainably raised.  

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are delighted to once again welcome Ashley Galloway Thomas, a clinical dietitian, nutrition expert and native of Indialantic, to Space Coast Daily.

Ashley is focused on educating people on all aspects of how to prepare and enjoy a nutritious diet through her popular blog,

TFB was created as a space to share her passion for healthy cooking and to teach others how to live healthier lives using nutrition as medicine.

We have been and will be posting many of Ashley’s articles and videos, which are designed to inspire you to get in the kitchen and reconnect with your sense of creativity as a way to eat healthier, on Space Coast Daily, as well as publishing selected articles in Space Coast Daily magazine.

Beware of marketing claims on egg cartons and watch this video to get educated on how to sort out the facts.

You’ll enjoy this informative video, which addresses the things on which to focus when sorting out the plethora of marketing claims that are designed to cloud our decision-making process as we peruse the many choices on the egg aisle.

— Dr. Jim Palermo, Editor-in-Chief


Ashley Galloway

Ashley Galloway Thomas, MS, RD

Ashley Galloway Thomas, an Indialantic native who graduated from Holy Trinity Academy, received her Master’s degree in Nutrition from Florida State University and has since worked as a clinical dietitian in a variety of settings from pediatrics to adult kidney transplant to nutrition research. She currently works on the frontline of preventative care as the campus Dietitian for the College of Charleston in South Carolina and a nutrition Instructor at the Medical University of South Carolina. Ashley started a food blog called The Fresh Beet, which is a space she uses to share healthy recipes and nutrition information designed to help her readers achieve optimal health.