THE FRESH BEET: Five Healthy Recipes To Jump-Start Your Summer Body, Mind & Soul

By  //  June 8, 2017

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slim down and tone up

Summertime and salads are a perfect fit.

THE FRESH BEET — Summer is quickly approaching and for many, this means it’s time to slim down and tone up. It’s beach season after all and we want to look good.

But you can’t ignore your body all year long and then suddenly expect it to whip into shape in a matter of days.

This mentality leads to extreme dieting techniques, unhealthy eating patterns and increased stress – and it has got to stop!

Imagine if you took care of your body all year and didn’t have to worry about depriving yourself  just so you could feel more comfortable in a bathing suit.

Imagine feeling comfortable with yourself ALL THE TIME.

Imagine changing your lifestyle so that eating healthy and getting regular exercise become habits. Good habits. Habits that you enjoy.

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When eating and exercise become priorities, you’ve begun to value your health and you don’t need all the silly cleanses, detox’s and fasting diets. In fact, you’ll more than likely turn your nose up at them and never look back. That in and of itself is success.

Let’s make this summer the last summer over which to fret. Make your health a priority and start your lifestyle change today. Here are 5 healthy recipes (click the link for the full recipe) that will nourish not just your body, but also your mind and soul.

Zesty Kale Salad

kale recipes

Juicy Tomato Tart


Summer Bean Salad


Summer Burrito

vegetarian burrito

Cannelini Lemon Pasta Salad

healthy pasta salad

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Ashley Galloway

Ashley Galloway Thomas, MS, RD

Ashley Galloway Thomas, an Indialantic native who graduated from Holy Trinity Academy, received her Master’s degree in Nutrition from Florida State University and has since worked as a clinical dietitian in a variety of settings from pediatrics to adult kidney transplant to nutrition research. She currently works on the frontline of preventative care as the campus Dietitian for the College of Charleston in South Carolina and a nutrition Instructor at the Medical University of South Carolina. Ashley started a food blog called The Fresh Beet, which is a space she uses to share healthy recipes and nutrition information designed to help her readers achieve optimal health.