Apple Confirms Company Has Slowed Older iPhones Without Knowledge of Customers

By  //  January 5, 2018

'effort designed to prevent sudden shutdowns'

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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Recently Apple confirmed that they have been slowing older iPhones and other devices without the knowledge of customers. Speculation circulated widely claimed it was done to push users into buying new devices.

However, Apple announced in a statement that the effort was designed to prevent sudden shutdowns caused by aging batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries don’t last forever and regular wear and tear will diminish its performance over time (usually after two years of regular use). On an iPhone using iOS 10.2.1 or later, this notice might appear in Settings > Battery: “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced

Due to older batteries’ diminished ability to hold a charge and supply the required voltage, iOS’s “power management system” will manage the phone’s load in order to maintain usability and prevent shutdowns.

As a part of Apple’s apology, the company will offer anyone with iPhone 6 or later a $50 discount on a battery replacement. Starting in January through December 2018, owners of said iPhones can have their batteries replaced for $29. Data Breach Exposes Emails, Login Information of 300,000 Registered UsersRelated Story: Data Breach Exposes Emails, Login Information of 300,000 Registered Users