Brevard County Commission Candidate Bryan Lober Answers Opponent’s ‘Totally False Hit Piece’

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'I am self-funding my campaign and owe no favors to any disgusting PACs and special interests'

Political advertisement paid for by Bryan A. Lober, Republican for Brevard County Commission District 2

Bryan Lober, right, the Republican candidate for Brevard County Commission District 2, has received the endorsement of Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey. Lober has also received the endorsements of Brevard County Clerk of the Court Scott Ellis, Former President of the Florida Senate Mike Haridopolosformer Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Steve Crisafulli, Port Commission Chairman Admiral Wayne Justice, District 5 Brevard County Commissioner Kristine IsnardiHome Builders & Contractors Association of Brevard and the Brevard County Professional Firefighters.

My opponent and/or her supporters sent out another totally false hit piece which landed in mailboxes on Wednesday.

Voters should be offended as it misleads in every imaginable way. My opponent and/or her supporters must think voters are idiots who will believe anything.

Let’s go through, one by one, each of the supposed negatives.

This will be a long, but thorough, post.

FIRST CLAIM: “Rich-guy attorney Bryan Lober is trying to buy himself a seat on the County Commission. Even worse, he can’t seem to tell the truth.”


How rich am I? I have never been a millionaire. No numbers are cited because they aren’t terribly impressive. The last attack mailer, which arrived a few days ago, said I put $100,000+ on credit cards? Which is it? Am I rich or do I have to put everything on credit cards? My opponent and/or her supporters want it both ways.

I’d much rather have someone who is self-funding his campaign and owes no favors to any disgusting PACs and special interests like the one that paid for this mailer. Would you rather have a PAC that spends a fortune sending mailers pulling the strings and calling the shots or an independent candidate who is beholden to no one?

I can’t seem to tell the truth? How so? In what way?

SECOND CLAIM: “Lober says he supports the Indian River Lagoon but actually threatened to sue the group protecting the lagoon. Lyin’ Bryan even installed a septic tank that could threaten the health of the lagoon.”


“The group protecting the lagoon?” I didn’t realize there was but a single, solitary, group “protecting the lagoon.” It was my understanding that a number of entities are working on the problem.

The fact of the matter is that the group in question posted a video suggesting I refused to participate in an interview which I was never invited to participate in. The group’s President replied, in pertinent part, “We reviewed our process and found that we mistakenly did not reach out to you for this project. We apologize and immediately removed the District 2 Commissioner Primary video…”

My septic tank “could” threaten the health of the lagoon? How so? It was recently installed and complies with absolutely every single code. It was inspected within the past year and found to be problem free. This is absolutely fake news and has no basis in reality.

THIRD CLAIM: “’Lyin’ Bryan won’t tell us the whole story about where he lives, hiding his residence from voters. Why the cover-up?”


As the lyin’ PAC must know but doesn’t want you to know, public records are called public records for a reason. No governmental entity or agency would redact them if they weren’t lawfully required to do so.

Current and former law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges and other specified individuals (and their spouses) who are at an elevated risk of harm from the disclosure of their information are statutorily entitled, pursuant to § 119.071, Fla. Stat., to have certain information redacted from public record.

There is absolutely nothing unusual or wrong about this process. If there were, you would have to be upset with nearly every single prosecutor, judge and police officer in this county as they, too, make use of the very same statutory entitlement to redaction of their public records.

If you have any doubt, try finding Wayne Ivey and Blaise Trettis’ home addresses in public records.

I live in District 2. I have owned property in Rockledge for years. My wife and I built a house in Precinct 200 (Rockledge) and I live there and nowhere else. I have never owned real property elsewhere.

FOURTH CLAIM:  “Lober misled voters when he attacked veteran Victoria Mitchner, lying about her service record even though she had to leave her infant daughter to serve overseas in Iraq.”


If I lied, she’d have already sued me for defamation. What, specifically, did I say that was untrue? Mitchner was called out by the media, for lying about her service record. She said that she served “five years in the Army, nearly 10 years in the Army Reserve.” This is flatly untrue. Records indicate she served 2 years and 8 months in the Army in active duty.

She inflated this nearly two-fold. It’s a simple fact. A retired Admiral and a retired Special Forces Colonel commented negatively on her dishonesty. Are they wrong too? Nice throwing in the infant daughter bit in there. I have never mentioned her daughter at any time in any way.


In essence, the Lyin’ Bryan mailer doesn’t show a single, solitary, lie on my part. It doesn’t even show me ever having misled anyone.

The only lies in the mailer are on the part of the PAC which sent it, which, quite frankly, opened itself up to a potential defamation claim as, aside from being incredibly misleading, is objectively false as far as claim  No. 4 is concerned.

Moreover, the desperate idiots who participated in it are also jointly and severally liable for their illegal conduct. If I have free time, I might have to look into whether they are judgment proof…

I’ve never once lied about my opponent. I challenge anyone to cite a single time that I’ve ever said anything untrue about her. It’s not possible as it has never happened.

Political advertisement paid for by Bryan A. Lober, Republican for Brevard County Commission District 2

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