Top Psychological Tricks Used in Online Gambling

By  //  December 19, 2018

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When visiting an online casino, you might believe that you have complete control over your actions. Truth is you are in control to an extent, but not fully.

When visiting an online casino, you might believe that you have complete control over your actions. Truth is you are in control to an extent, but not fully.

There is more than meets the eye in every casino as both online casinos and bookmakers use certain psychological tricks to get players to become more interested and stay interested in their services.

These tricks are not necessarily bad. If you know about them beforehand, you will be able to better understand the websites you’re visiting and the games you’re playing, so you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common psychological tricks that almost all online gambling websites use and try to gain a better understanding of them.

Vibrant Colors and Catchy Sounds

Online casino slot sites usually feature vibrant colors, bright lights, and catchy sounds. This combination is intended to boost your mood, intrigue you, and captivate you. This is especially true for slot games, which most of the time also feature some engaging theme as well.

Even land-based casinos use this psychological trick. They try to make a casino the place where you would want to come back again because you relate it to a positive memory. If a casino, or a casino website, were dark and gloomy, not a lot of people would want to visit it again.

Play with Credits Not with Cash

It has been scientifically proven that people are more likely to spend money if they are paying with a credit or debit card than if they are paying with cash. Online casinos use this knowledge to their advantage in a very smart way. Namely, when you deposit money into your account and enter a game, most of the time you will be shown credits instead of real money.

Thus, it is much easier to disassociate yourself from the fact that you are using real money and to believe that it somehow doesn’t matter how much you are spending because you are using “digital credits”. Next time you play, try to remember this fact.

Near Wins Keep You Motivated

If you play online slots UK on Simba Games or any other online casino website, you will notice something interesting happening. From time to time, you will be just one symbol away from a huge win – instead of landing five jackpot symbols, you will land four. This might be a coincidence sometimes, but more often than not, it is intentional.

When this happens, your heart rate goes up and your adrenaline spikes, which leaves you craving for more. Most players will think that this means a big win is just a spin away and keep turning the reels.

Increase Bonuses Between Major Sports Seasons

Bonuses are an amazing way to attract new players to register or old players to keep playing. However, offering bonuses at strategic times is an important psychological and marketing trick that most online casinos use.

For example, at times when there are no major football games and most sports are off-season, people are looking for alternative means of entertainment. Playing online casino games is one of them, which is why you will often find enticing bonuses and promotions at these times.

Big Wins Are Made Public

When you visit an online casino, if they are offering jackpots, they will let you know about it. On such websites, there are usually huge, shiny counters visible at all times, reminding you that all that money could be yours.

Moreover, when some lucky guy or gal wins the jackpot, everyone will be informed about it. Most people will start wishing that it was them who won the huge prize and not some stranger. This will undoubtedly motivate you to keep spinning the reels of your favorite slot game in hopes of being the next chosen one. Conclusion

As you can see, both online and land-based casinos put a lot of effort into better understanding the human psychology and using it to their advantage. This is not manipulation or cheating. It’s completely legal and completely normal, as this information is not secret.

You, as a player, should try to inform yourself about these tricks, as this can help you save money or win money in the future. By understanding how casinos and casino games work, you will be one step ahead of everyone else.

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