Three Stories About the Most Dedicated Animals of the World

By  //  January 22, 2019

The dog is probably one of the most devoted animals on Earth

The dog is probably one of the most devoted animals on Earth. Without any doubts, it will give its life for the master. Dogs have an amazing ability of unconditional love and are ready for absolute devotion to their owner.

Why are these animals capable of such feelings?

The secret is hidden in flock reflex. A dog at a reflex level wants to be a part of the family, group or flock, where it can serve and care about his comrades.

This is a fundamental principle of canines and their way of being. For these animals, belonging to the flock and relations with its members are very important. However, people love their pets instead.

Famous actress Brigitte Bardot shared her feelings with Citatis: “My favorite animals are dogs.” These animals inspired us to collect heroic and very touching stories of various dogs that happened in different countries at different times.

1. Hachiko

The Dog Hachiko was born on November 10, 1923, in Akita, Japan. Shortly after his birth, he was presented to a professor of medicine, who gave the dog the name Hachiko.

He grew up as a faithful dog, who followed his owner everywhere. In May 1925, the owner died of a heart attack. Every day the dog came to the Shibuya station, as before, and waited for the professor until twilights.

The dog was not abandoned by the professor`s relatives, but despite this, the dog continued to come to the station and wait for its owner.

2. Balto

In 1925, an epidemic of diphtheria suddenly started in the freezing town of Nome (Alaska). There were lack of vaccine and no opportunity to deliver it since Nome was covered with snow very far from the nearest town.

Children suffered from a quickly spreading disease, which made the only doctor in the town to take desperate actions. He sent an expedition, led by the Gunnar Kaasen and his enduring Eskimo husky Balto.

In difficult conditions, the group had to pass its way to the goal fighting with -51 degrees of frost. Kaasen lost the direction. There was no other alternative but to fully trust Balto, who delivered medicines to Nome that helped people to survive.

3. Dorado

Every day the guide dog Dorado together with his blind master Omar Eduardo Rivera, went to serve in the World Trade Center. September 11, 2001, Dorado was sleeping at the feet of Omar on the 71st floor of the Center.

When the attack happened, because of the panic, fire, and destruction, the blind Omar did not have the opportunity to get out of the building.

He already accepted his fate, when he felt that the dog tightly grasped his clothes and was pulling for an emergency exit. Omar fully relied on his devoted friend, and this saved the man from death. Dorado led him out of the building unharmed.

Good friends support us in difficult times, no matter what happens. This is especially true when it comes to dogs.

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