WATCH: Brevard Commission Chair Bryan Lober and Dr. David Williams Provide Coronavirus Update

By  //  March 13, 2020

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BREVARD COUNTY Coronavirus Update

SPACE COAST DAILY TV: A coronavirus Brevard County update is provided by Dr. David Williams from MedFast Urgent Care and Brevard County Commission Chair Bryan Lober discuss the latest developments regarding Coronavirus. Also, see the below actions being taken by Brevard County government agencies.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Following is an update on all of the proactive actions and steps Brevard County is taking in relation to COVID-19/coronavirus.

As of this morning, Brevard County is implementing the following:

• Announcing a travel prohibition for staff. All non-essential professional travel is canceled. Essential travel must be approved in advance by the County Manager’s Office.

• Encouraging Directors to consider teleconferencing/telecommuting for any employee identifying themselves as immuno-compromised and to practice and encourage social distancing in the workplace. Immuno-compromised employees unable to telecommute who choose to remove themselves from the workplace will be able to use any of their accrued leave. We’ve asked Directors to be flexible in granting leave in these situations.

• Announcing cancelation of all non-governmental group meetings, activities, events through the end of April. These include all non-governmental meetings scheduled at County facilities, libraries and parks, etc.

• Postponing all County Government employee development program training until further notice.

• County Attorneys’ office is working on Local State of Emergency(LSE) draft language. The language will include the ability of the County Manager to extend the duration of the LSE.

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• Reviewing procedures in the County Charter with regard to calling emergency Board meetings if necessary, and also reviewing software and legal requirements to hold virtual Board meetings that meet all of the required public comment/access requirements.

• The following people are scheduled to meet at noon, March 17, on courthouse operations and public safety: Assistant County Manager John Denninghoff, Facilities Director Scott Barrett, State Attorney, Chief Judge and other court officials, state Rep. Tyler Sirois and EM Director Kimberly Prosser.

• Working to secure additional hand sanitizing products and material. Facilities personnel are making all efforts during and beyond business hours to work with vendors to acquire additional resources.

• The state of Florida is not reporting new positive COVID-19 confirmations until 11 p.m. or later. According to other emergency managers in the region, County EOCs are not always being promptly notified. Brevard’s EOC is asking Emergency Support Functions and Liaisons to have a point-of-contact identified and ready to activate virtually, on short notice, as the need arises.

• As currently planned, the Save Our Indian River Lagoon meeting scheduled for Friday, March 20, remains scheduled and we are exploring the opportunity to possibly test our capability at that meeting for holding a virtual meeting, if appropriate and needed.

• FAC has been requested to pursue a waiver from the Governor’s Office with regard to public meeting requirements to allow for virtual meetings minus a physical quorum should such a scenario become warranted.

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