Dr. David C. Karli’s Opinion On Regenerative Medicine and Age Prevention

By  //  May 1, 2020

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Aging is an inevitable process. We cannot escape or prevent getting older but what if there’s a fascinating field of medicine that can manage the aging process and prolong our health and vitality and longevity as we age?

Aging is an inevitable process. We cannot escape or prevent getting older but what if there’s a fascinating field of medicine that can manage the aging process and prolong our health and vitality and longevity as we age?

Keeping in mind that there may never be an approach to totally stop or reverse aging, there have been some surprising disclosures to how Regenerative Medicine can naturally heal our body without the use of any surgical procedure. 

Rejuvenating Old Cells to Healthy ones 

The paces, stresses, and complexities in life drive us to age prematurely thereby breaking down our cells. Cell breakdown may lead to several health conditions like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and others.

Driving our bodies to age quickly, cell-breakdown is host to many age-related diseases, causing more than 100,000 deaths per day. 

Dr David C Karli is an Ivy-trained physician, specialized in treating athletic injuries by inducing regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy in treatments.

He accepts the fact that patients can increase an additional 30 years of life by using Regenerative Medicine. One such innovation uses stem cells, however, there are issues with these cells.

They may not replace the original, diseased cells rapidly enough, or they may start to replicate uncontrollably, bringing about malignant growth.

Yet, Regenerative Medicine definitely guarantees the complete curing of a wide range of diseases, and ideally, slowing down the aging process too. 

Stem Cell Therapy Programs with Promising Results  

With solid funding and rapid advancements, one stem cell therapy that promises great outcomes is transfusions. In this therapy, stem cells are extracted from the patient and grown in cell culture to increase the number of cells. Following this, those cells are injected back into the patient’s body.

Dr. Karli’s keen interest in Transfusions led him to create biologic products that can cause an age-related decline in a person’s strength, endurance, and various other physical abilities.

At his biotech firm, Greyledge Technologies, biologic products are prepared by processing materials (blood or bone marrow) and implanting them into the human body to replicate the diseased tissues.

With an FDA-registered laboratory environment, the outcomes are promising and are an anti-aging protocol. 

Telomeres may be the next-gen solution for Anti Aging 

Telomeres are essential parts of our DNA that are connected to the premature aging cells. Situated at the end caps of our DNA strands, the information within Telomeres is lost while DNA replicates to the extent that they stop replicating.

If DNA replicates without losing information, scientists believe that Telomeres can significantly help to slow down the aging process.

Similar is the case with Metformin, a pharmaceutical reagent that improves wound healing. Proven to counteract aging, Metformin is now being tested for its unique ability to mimic calorie restriction. 

Anti-Aging Through Regeneration 

Utilizing induced tissue regeneration, this technology is a new approach to anti-aging treatment. Combining telomerase therapy and induced tissue regeneration, anti-aging through regeneration includes the study of the impact on age-related diseases like diabetes, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, and others.

This technique focuses on the cells that are generated in our body during youth. As we age, these cells are lost and lead to a metabolic imbalance.

Scientists and Researchers are trying to find a way in which these cells can be restored to reverse the signs of aging and create a balance. 

Humans have the ability to regenerate damaged and diseased tissues. However, this only happens during the first few weeks of development. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, scientists are trying to unlock this potential ability in humans. 

The Future of Anti-Aging 

With several breakthroughs on the horizon, cure-all promises and best outcomes, these anti-aging protocols have a long way to go.

While the introduction of regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies to redefine orthopedic treatment sounds like a miracle, there are still unexplored paths that need to be taken.

With all the benefits regenerative medicine has to offer, there will always be an eye on the never-ending search for the fountain of youth.