TikTok As a Marketing Tool: Using TikTok for Business

By  //  August 26, 2020

Since 2018, Tik-Tok has been in the TOP of popular downloads. There is probably nobody who has not heard of it yet.

Since 2018, Tik-Tok has been in the TOP of popular downloads. There is probably nobody who has not heard of it yet.

Tik-Tok is a social network where users post short videos from 15 to 60 seconds. The app has a built-in video editor with masks, stickers, popular music, and effects. There are also the usual likes, comments, private messages, and an opportunity to buy TikTok followers.

Tik-Tok’s active audience is 800 million people a day. The number of users grows every hour. And the only correct answer to the question: “When to start promoting a business on Tik-Tok?” is Yesterday. It’s time for us to get acquainted with this app.

Choosing a theme and set up a profile

In order to quickly grow your channel, you should have a clear understanding of why and for whom you are making content. You need to answer the following questions: 

Who is your audience? 

What is it interested in? 

What does it watch, listen to, or read in its free time?

Define a general channel concept for yourself and try not to deviate too much from it.

Enter a subject or nickname in the profile header. In the description, tell who you are and why you need people to follow you. You have only 80 characters for everything.

You need to understand that people go to Tik-Tok to rest, so educational channels will not be accessible. They can be saved by the original presentation, sharp humor, and catchy visuals. But adolescents have more important things to do than watching science shows.

Profile setting

Put a video, GIF, or photo on your avatar. In the settings, switch the profile to the PRO account to track channel statistics and select a topic.

It is not that difficult because Tik-Tok is very similar to Instagram

After filling out the profile and working out the concept of the account, start shooting. Feel free to experiment, but don’t stray from your chosen topic, either.

Paid and free ways to develop Tik-Tok.

Do not use a paid promotion or cheat methods until you upload 15-20 videos. This will save your budget because the algorithms will only recommend your content to the audience that is interested in it.

It happens that at the beginning, through trials and experiments, the concept of the channel changes, and the old subscribers leave. Develop your style and presentation and then connect paid promotion.

Freeways of promotion:

1. Promotion by # hashtags. Include # of the topic in which you are channeling. But don’t forget about popular tags, you can find them in the tab of the same name. The main thing is that they fit the subject of the video.

2. Be active. Write comments, kipe posts, subscribe to other users. A lot of users will follow you or like your videos in return.

3. Share the link or QR code to your Tik-Tok on other social networks.

4. Fit into challenges. Browse the popular tab and see what’s trending right now.

5. Increase engagement. Broadcast live, collect feedback, arrange polls on the channel, interact with the audience, these are a sure fire way to get TikTok followers.

6. Make high-quality videos, use filters with cool tones – this increases the likelihood of getting 15% of more likes.

7. Capture reactions to videos of other TikTokers.

8. Film collaborations with bloggers.

9. Mutual PR. Find a channel with the same number of subscribers as yours and offer mutual help. If the difference in followers is large, you can negotiate and pay extra.

Paid ways of promotion:

1. The social network is still young, and the promotion is not monitored as strictly as in the same Instagram. But do not buy more than 100 followers or likes a day; otherwise, you will get banned.

2. Advertising from bloggers. Find a popular TikToker of your topic and ask them to send you an ad price.

3. Cross-PR on social networks. Post a snippet of the best video on Instagram, promote it with a call to subscribe, and a link to your Tik-Tok.

4. Competitions. Arrange pranks or Giveaways. In order for giveaways or contests to increase the number of followers, get people interested. Think over the conditions, reward, and how to send the gift to the winner.

How to make money on Tik-Tok?

TikTok bots are great marketing tools, you can try them to boost your growth and go viral.

1 out of 8 Tik-Tok users is already making money on the app. But do not rush to quit school and go to blogging. It is officially possible to make money on Tik-Tok only from the age of 18 or with parental consent. Choose which way of earning you like more.

1. Native advertising. 

Advertise other tiktokers, brands, items, or services. The format wanders from one site to another. Remember the golden rule: 70% of your original content and 30% of ads.

2. Live broadcasts.

During broadcasts, users can send you Tik-Tok Coins or tips in gratitude. You can withdraw from $ 10 to a card or online wallet. It is allowed to broadcast from 1000 followers, and the platform takes 20% of donations.

3. Attracting customers to the business.

Use your account as an additional advertising tool and attract new customers. 

4. Work as a tiktoker.

It is the most unobvious way that suits those who know all the TikTok trends. You can work as a Tik-Tok SMM manager for a popular blogger. Your tasks will be to write scripts for videos, draw up technical specifications for photographers, look for promotion channels, come up with contests, and work with the audience. 

Integration of your business into Tik-Tok

Maintain a corporate account or choose a person who will represent your company’s face and promote your goods or services.

Consider the characteristics of the audience and its ability to pay. Boring reports on the work done are of no interest to anyone. Approach your videos with creativity and humor.

Suppose you have a veterinary clinic account, record videos with kittens that come to you. The main thing is that it is cute and sweet. Do you sell clothes? Shoot beautiful videos with branded filters using popular music. Add logos to videos and attach a link to your site so users can quickly contact you.