What Are the Longest Lasting Roses?

By  //  October 1, 2020

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Long-lasting flowers decoration. Preserved roses with dried flowers bouquet closeup. Selective focus on home decoration made of decorative plants. Eternal, stabilized, forever rose flower.

Expressing love, thanks, and appreciation for your loved ones goes well with roses.

These flowers, after all, are timeless symbols of love and affection. You can also get a bunch or bouquet to display at your home, because the blooms radiate beauty and invite an atmosphere of positivity.

However, the beauty and freshness of roses are quickly fleeting. You’ll probably be cutting off withered blooms from the stems after a few days, and the whole bunch may probably wither in a week’s time. It’s good to know that there are long lasting roses that can stay beautiful and fresh-looking for up to one year.

Wait, what? Roses that can last a year?

Also known as “eternal” roses, these flowers can indeed last up to one year and even beyond with minimal care. These luxury roses are available in acrylic cases or Parisian-style boxes for displaying. The blooms are treated with a special formula that makes them last a really long time, and this makes them a perfect gift for Valentine’s, weddings, and anniversaries.

Are these roses real?

These roses are real flowers. They are not synthetic plastics but are instead real plants picked from large rose farms like those in Ecuador.  They are harvested when in full bloom, treated, and are carefully put into handcrafted arrangements.

How are long lasting roses made? Is this the same as drying?

A common way of preserving roses is drying them. However, drying removes the moisture inside the stem and bloom. This method makes the rose brittle and its fragile petals can easily fall off. Dried roses also tend to lose their natural hue, scent, and vibrancy.

Special long-lasting roses are prepared differently. They are created by replacing the water and sap inside the stem with a proprietary hydrating agent. This special formula penetrates the whole stem and each petal, which thoroughly rehydrates them and make them last for a very long time. It also preserves the roses’ natural color, texture, and smell.

How do I take care of them?

Long-lasting roses are resilient and can last more than a year if given proper care. There is no heavy maintenance needed. Just follow a few guidelines and the flowers will stay fresh and good-looking for months. The person receiving the preserved roses will definitely appreciate it if you share these tips with them.

1. Do not water.

For starters, do not water the preserved roses. They are already treated with a special compound that removes the need for external watering. In fact, getting these roses wet may damage them.

2. Keep at room temperature and do not expose to sunlight.

The roses should be displayed and kept in room temperature. Storing them in places that are too warm or too cold can weaken their biological structure, and can accelerate the rate that they wither. Moreover, these roses should not be exposed to direct sunlight. They no longer need the sun’s rays to maintain their opulence and hue.

3. Keep them in the box and don’t stack anything on it.

Removing the flowers from the box can damage their structural integrity. Also, the “eternal” in eternal roses does not mean they are invulnerable to crushing and physical damages. The rose arrangement is a delicate setup so it is best to avoid placing items on top of it.

4. Remove dust gently as needed.

Lastly, some dust may accumulate on the petals of your arrangement. You can use a duster to sweep the dust off gently. Do not use a vacuum or spray chemical cleaners because these can damage the roses.

Final Thoughts

A box of the longest-lasting roses can add a touch of luxury to special occasions, so it will be great to give this to your loved ones or getting your own box to treat yourself. They are preserved in their natural state, and they will appear vibrant and stay that way for a long time if you follow the simple steps in taking care of them.