Most Successful Online Businesses in New Zealand

By  //  January 30, 2021

The internet has not only changed the way we do businesses but it has opened doors for new business models. There are many businesses that are only possible in the online world. The concept of online businesses is enticing and most convenient than other businesses.

It offers the freedom of making money by sitting on just a chair at your home. When online businesses are thriving all across the globe, New Zealand is no exception. Kiwis are enticed by the idea of making money online and many online businesses have gained success here. We are going to discuss the most successful online businesses in NZ with this article.


The business of eCommerce is the future and the whole world has seen the huge success of it. In the last few years, the number of people selling their products and services online has increased exponentially. Big giants like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba offers a platform to the kiwis to do business online.

The New Zealand eCommerce market reported a revenue of USD 3 billion last year, which makes it the fortieth largest eCommerce market worldwide. The popularity of this online business is expected to grow even more in the future.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate programs are one of the models of online business that are successful in New Zealand. They are profitable and do not require prior investment and entail no costs or logistics, or sales or production. This online business model also eliminates the customer services.

This system consists of selling third-party products and taking a commission for them. Here, selling means the advertising or marketing of the products. For instance, the Amazon affiliate program is very popular in NZ. You just need to promote the products by anchoring your affiliate link and when someone buys with that link, you get a commission. There are many more businesses that offer an enticing affiliate program for NZ entrepreneurs.

Blogging About Casino Comparison

When we talk about online businesses, blogging is one of the most popular business models. Lots of people make millions by creating and maintaining blogs. In New Zealand, blogging about reviewing and comparing online casinos has become a new success mantra. Experts who have knowledge about the online gambling world enlighten the kiwi players.

For instance, Baily Lavon created a reliable casino comparison website to help NZ players who want to play online casino games. This website is one of the most successful iGaming projects in NZ.

This expert provides all the important things about online casinos to the kiwi players and makes money by blogging. Many casinos comparing blogs even have casino affiliate programs to generate even more income through blogging.

Content Writing or Paid Blogging

A content writer is a person who writes content for blogs, websites, online stores, or other online. Businesses need to strengthen their presence in the digital world and this indicates creating text content that becomes blog entries, product or service descriptions, reviews, and similar content available on the websites.

This is not a business but more like a profession. The strong presence of this online activity to make money online has convinced us to mention it here. Many people in New Zealand have embraced content writing as a new business. It is a kind of paid blogging that you do for others.

Virtual Assistant

Providing online help to people or businesses has also become a successful business in New Zealand. Virtual assistants can perform different tasks, such as replying to emails, accounting helps, adding or updating content, organizing events, preparing documents, customer support services, and many more.

The price of the service is usually set on an hourly basis and does not require a heavy investment. These days, when many online businesses are booming, virtual assistances can contact them directly to offer their services. There also many online platforms where experts can register themselves to find clients.

SEO Services

Digital marketing is already a big thing in online business and it is already a great success in New Zealand. Similarly, SEO has become a new successful online business here.

This can generate lots of money for people who know how search engines work. Most online stores and businesses wish to make sure that their website is optimized on search engines so that potential customers can found them easily. Experts provide their service bring websites at the top on the search engines.

Content creation, guest posting, link building, optimization for on-page SEO, and many things are included in the SEO business. This is the future and people can make a decent profit in this online business.