What Stocks Should You Buy in 2021?

By  //  February 24, 2021

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Ever since the recent fiasco with GameStop stocks, it seems that everyone’s eyes are pointed directly at Wall Street. Stock trading can get you a small fortune incredibly fast if you know when to buy and sell.

One Reddit user did exactly that when he earned around $30,000 from GameStop stocks when they peaked. But that might’ve been a fluke, as in general, it’s not that easy.

Top Stocks to Keep an Eye on in 2021

In the world of stocks, information is everything. Studying the market to predict the decline or rise seems like rocket science. Well, lucky for you, you won’t have to do that as we’ll highlight some potentially lucrative stocks in 2021.

Electronic Arts

It’s natural to assume that EA Games stocks will continue to rise in 2021, and there are two reasons to support this claim. The first one being that they’ve been on a relatively steady rise since 2019.

The revenue growth of 8% from fiscal 2018 to fiscal 2020 isn’t negligible. In other words, a jump from $5.1 billion to an outstanding $5.5 billion is definitely something that will draw the attention of many stockbrokers. Experts speculate that we’ll see even more significant growth in their revenues in the next two years.

The other reason doesn’t include any numbers or the stock market but is, in fact, a logical conclusion. Due to COVID-19 and the epidemic, people have been spending more, from essential things needed for everyday life to products and services from the entertainment industry.

For example, an average American now spends more time and money on games, TV shows, movies, and the new trend, crypto casinos. As we spend more time at home, this means more subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc. We also tend to spend more on video games, as well as products and services from the entertainment industry.

Burger King

Several business websites report that Burger King’s stocks have fallen drastically. This may be an excellent opportunity to invest and wait for the inevitable stock price rise later this year. The reason behind this shocking stock price plummet is apparent. According to several business sources, many stocks were dropped in the market, leaving few buyers willing to invest in Burger King stocks. Despite the expectation of a 4.5% decline, same-store sales for Burger King fell 7.9%.

They will most certainly rise soon. By the time COVID-19 vaccination starts affecting the public, restaurants will reopen at full capacity, thus increasing the entire chain’s revenue.

Commercial Stocks

With the pandemic changing the way we go about everyday things like shopping, it’s impossible to notice how e-commerce is thriving. The revenues of existing e-shops skyrocketed, but now retail owners and companies that sold in stores are being forced to sell online.

But what does that have to do with stocks or your potential investment? Well, with e-commerce booming, one more trade-related industry is doing pretty good. That’s, of course, the delivery industry. Everything we buy online that isn’t “digital,” we order via some delivery service.

Therefore, we came back to the question relating to investment and stocks. With the courier industry doing so well, it might be a great time to invest and buy stocks from the following companies:

■ FedEx

■ American Airlines


■ DHL Express

Spend Money to Make Money

Being a stockbroker is by no means a ride in the gravy train. These people study the market and know the ins and outs of the brokerage business. But if you have the information on when and where to invest, and know that it could potentially bring you a lot of money, wouldn’t you?