How To Bet With An Online Sportsbook (The Safe Way)

By  //  April 1, 2021

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Although the Vegas Strip and reservation casinos are beginning to open back up again, many people are still wary about attending a large building full of people while we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.

To be truthful, though- why would you want to in the first place, when you can bet online and participate in live betting, sports betting online, live-dealer poker, and other casino games from your own computer?

The only thing that Vegas really has on virtual poker is the free drinks and the fact that you can rub elbows with some millionaires. Other than that, virtual casinos are taking over!

Can You Bet Online Legally?

Now, you may be wondering whether or not these gambling sites are even legal, to begin with…

The good news is that Yes, they are 100% legal, as long as they’re following all of the applicable laws and regulations. This means that they’re not officially allowed to do business (process payments) in the United States unless they’re regulated and commissioned by an Indian Reservation.

Your average online betting site, therefore, processes all payments and money through a third-party processing company located overseas. While this can incur some additional fees, it’s a necessary solution to ensure that the entire process is legal. In response to this, many betting websites are now accepting unregulated cryptocurrency and Bitcoin deposits that players can use to place their bets.

In addition to it being legal for the site itself to be operational, you (the player) are also legally allowed to bet on the site as long as it’s following all applicable laws. This means that you should always be extra careful when it comes to selecting where you gamble at.

Where To Participate In Online Sports Betting And Casino Games

That brings us to our next topic- where exactly are you supposed to do your online betting?

One of the most popular betting domains that we’ve seen is They’ve established a solid reputation for being a safe, secure, and easy site to engage in recreational sports betting, poker, casino games, and they even host live betting events as well!

Best of all- they’re 100% legal and process their payments overseas. Should players wish, they can receive a considerable bonus on their deposit for paying with Bitcoin instead of standard fiat money.

Live Betting

You probably noticed how we mentioned live betting just there. It’s a lot like the old-fashioned “bookie” events of the past. As the match is continuously played, players will have the option to wager even more money if they feel that the odds are in their favor. This provides a form of fast-paced gameplay that can be really fun, especially if you’re an avid sports fan.

How To Bet Online Safely

For all of the fun, entertainment, and profit that come with these sportsbook and betting options, we also want to leave you with a few words of caution. Gambling and betting on sportsbooks can become an addicting habit if you don’t know your limits.

When it’s done in measured doses and you keep track of your limits, there’s nothing wrong with playing the odds and trying to win some fast cash. However, you should always know when to step away and take a break. Remember, you should play to win, not lose all of your deposit.

So, in the spirit of safe wagering and gameplay, we’ve put together a list of tips and information to help you get the most out of your play sessions.

Tip #1- Gamble With Bitcoin

As we alluded to earlier, you can (and should) make a cryptocurrency deposit into your account. In fact, if it’s your first time, you may even be eligible for certain bonuses, depending on which betting website you’re using. For example, the site we mentioned earlier,, gives all first-time account holders 150% crypto bonuses. This means that if you deposit $200, you’ll get $300 in available credits.

Tip #2- Set Wider Spreads When Sports Betting

If you’re betting on a basketball, NBA, NFL, or Tennis player/team to win, you’ll also have to set a score limit on the sportsbooks. You’ll have to select a range of points in which you’ll win. The wider your range is, the lower your profits will be. However, if you’re new to sports betting, then it’s always better to play it safe to begin with.

Tip #3- Remember That Casino Games Are Random

Gamblers around the world have tried (and failed) to beat the odds, win all of the money, and get the experience of a lifetime. However, you need to understand that all games (such as slots, for example) are random. Additionally, the odds are always in the house’s favor. You will certainly get lucky and win some free cash from time to time, but don’t expect it!