New Erectile Dysfunction Therapy Protocol to Replace Pills and Pain

By  //  April 30, 2021

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When you read the last word, something else will come to your mind for sure. However, COVID-19 will serve as just an example to understand another pandemic that is going on.

This pandemic is hidden; people are not used to speaking about it. It relates to societal taboos and issues that people trust only their loved ones to know about.

Nevertheless, the invisible social power has instructed men to keep silent about the problem that at least 1 out of 4 men experiences while reaching their forties. That problem is called erectile dysfunction or ED. It acts as a hidden pandemic; it affects many men across the country but seldom do they speak out. 

What is ED?

Some may consider ED to be the natural course of things when it comes to human anatomy. In reality, mother nature has its say in this process but other psychological and physiological factors add up.

The person can have ED from birth, which may not be necessarily inherited from the parent.

On the other hand, men can develop ED during their life, and this type is called acquired erectile dysfunction. The physiological factors underlying ED are issues around blood vessels and nerves, usually, something connected with heart diseases, diabetes, increased blood pressure, etc.

Psychological factors come to reinforce the effect of the physiological ones even more. Stress, anxiety, depression, untreated traumatic memories of the first sexual experience that was not successful accumulate to create a solid ground for the development of this condition. 

The Solution

Yes, aging plays its role in this process too. However, this does not mean that men above 40 should cross out sex from their life completely. The innovative solution has been already invented and put into practice. If you have not heard about it, the time has come to discover Gainswave.

It defines the new erectile dysfunction therapy protocol and comes to help millions of men suffering from ED. Gainswave represents a device that utilizes shockwave therapy, in this case, low-intensity sound waves, and directs them to the pelvic organs.

As mentioned above, the combination of problems with blood vessels and nerve tissues usually creates ED. Gainswave effectively addresses this as it stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and nerve tissues. Besides, it also repairs the old vessels and clears them of micro-plaques.

As a result, fresh and highly regulated blood flow is directed to the penis while new nerve tissue ensures new sensations and emotions. 

The Benefits

As Gainswave is non-invasive, painless therapy that is not associated with any pills, it becomes a wonderful option to choose. Taking into account that Gainswave was the awaited result of years of scientific research, it is of no surprise that FDA has approved it. Moreover, the procedure takes only 20 – 30 minutes, and many men report improvements even after the first few therapy sessions.

As already mentioned, you should opt for Gainswave when you experience ED. However, Gainswave has proven to be effective in other related cases too. For example, patients suffering from Peyronie’s Disease which is related to the penis curvature can also find relief in Gainswave.

Finally, even if you are not handling any of these conditions but still want to improve your sexual performance, give Gainswave a try. Patients, who underwent shockwave therapy for this reason, appreciate the significant benefits they get. They were able to enhance their sexual satisfaction and perform better. 

Who Can Do That?

Dr. Kate Kass is a physician with years of experience in doing Gainswave therapy sessions. She was the pioneer of the Gainswave practice, who brought it to the West Coast and Kirkland. In case you are living in these areas, make sure to schedule an appointment and apply for professional medical help. Dr. Kass and her team of professionals will do their best to restore your sexual performance and to help you gain back your male potential.