Top 5 Tools for Android App Development

By  //  April 21, 2021

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Since the emergence of the first cell phones, humans have always tried to put as many features into them as they could. That’s why smartphones became a thing. And since their first appearance on the market, every aspect has been improved and upgraded so much that smartphones have almost replaced computers.

The most popular operating system for these devices is Android, with over 130 million active users. And the amount of applications available has almost reached 5 million.

There are so many of them that every user can find an application for any of their needs. And of course, developing these apps is a sweet spot on the software development market. It just needs a mindful, innovative and creative approach, just like in any business.

That’s why becoming an android app developer is a good choice, especially if you’re interested in creating new things or programming. Even if you can’t come up with your own idea, there’s a good chance one of the android app development services will hire you.

Companies like Develux offer companies their workers’ expertise in app development. It’s highly beneficial for those who need an application but don’t want to spend that many resources by doing it themselves. Because hiring a specialized team is always the most cost-effective way.

Whether you want to work for an android app agency or want to implement your own ideas into reality, here are the 5 best tools for development in this sphere.

Android Studio

If you know what Microsoft Visual Studio is, then you have probably guessed what this is about. Android Studio from Google is the perfect IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It’s the first and the most important thing you need when talking about creating an Android application.

It can do everything you need. From basic things like writing and debugging code, to analyzing and profiling in real-time. Yes, the presence of these features may not be that surprising itself, but the quality and the optimization are simply outstanding. Studio also allows you to emulate everything really fast.

But what’s the best part of this IDE is that it’s free of charge. And the regular updates from its creators and constant support of the large community only add up to its glory. Oh, and did we mention how fast and easy-to-use this thing is? Because even the most experienced professionals are impressed by the interface and all the features of this software.


What’s the most nerve-racking and time-consuming part of coding? Writing the most basic and well-known lines over and over again, of course. Fabric comes to remove that need from you. And to add many new opportunities too. This tool gives you a huge library of kits, which can serve any purpose you may need.

Fabric is the key platform of Twitter, meaning that it provides only the most effective and reliable pieces of code. Applications like Spotify, Uber, and Groupon were created with the use of this tool.

And it’s not surprising, because Fabric offers you a perfect chance to try things that have already been tested by huge corporations. From basic pieces of code to valuable marketing data. Just imagine how much time you could save by implementing already existing successful tools into your program.


Debugging, testing, and emulating are crucial parts of any development process. But we all have to agree that sometimes testing everything on a phone isn’t that convenient. Even if the app is designed for it, spotting errors and fixing them is always easier on the computer. And Vysor gives you an opportunity to do exactly that.

It’s an emulator that allows developers to use their computers to control everything. Now, you can test everything on the big screen and use your keyboard for any action you may need.

It’s compatible with all the operating systems, obviously enough.

What’s also important, is that Vysor is one of the best apps for screen-sharing. You should try it for screencasting during meetings. Because in today’s global situation where everyone is working from home, being able to share your screen with the best quality is crucial. Especially if you’re working in an android app agency where it’s a regular thing to do.


We have all heard about recent innovations in programming automation. And Gradle is one of the tools that keep pushing the progress further. Its goal is to automate as many aspects and parts of programming as it can.

Nobody says that it will do everything for you. But being able to rely on the AI to finish some parts is a good option to save time and allocate it to something more important. Because the more time you have, the better the quality of the product will be. Which is beneficial for both the developer and the customer.

Don’t worry about trusting this software, though. It has a pretty impressive list of companies that have used it for their applications:

■ Android (Yes, the company responsible for creating and updating the OS itself)

■ LinkedIn

■ Adobe

■ Netflix

■ Elastic

■ And countless others!

GameMaker: Studio

For those dreaming about making interesting and exciting 2D games, this is the one for you. GameMaker: Studio offers a large toolkit to make game development for Android a much easier and faster process.

First of all, it’s needed to say that this tool can be only used for 2D games, Yes, it does limit your possibilities. But let’s be honest, there’s no way an app like this could work perfectly with 3D game-making for mobile OS.

So, its main feature is user-friendliness. Even those who aren’t familiar with coding at all can make a game themselves. It’s a simple drag-and-drop process that allows you to create what you need. But for those who are experienced in programming, it’s a perfect opportunity to skip some tedious code writing.

Summing Up

These are only a few examples of useful tools for those involved with creating Android applications. So, use them to the fullest to make programming a much more comfortable and fast experience. You’ll be certainly surprised at the increase in efficiency and overall performance.