What to Look For Before Buying a Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray

By  //  May 24, 2021

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A wide range of Multi-surface disinfectant sprays are available at your local supermarket but do have you ever pondered which one is the best of all? A Multi-surface disinfectant spray is an essential pick for your apartment, houses and offices.

Multi-surface disinfectants eliminate bacterial growth on smooth and irregular surfaces. Moreover, they provide enduring freshness and can be applied on non-porous surfaces in the kitchen counters, bathrooms, and other surfaces that are constantly in contact with the human body. An ideal multi surface disinfectant spray provides a high level of disinfection to prevent the spread and growth of microbial organisms. 

Consider buying a Multi-surface disinfectant that serves your purpose and has all these essential elements: 

Sweet Scent:
Sweet and enduring smells tend to create a refreshing environment, which reflects positive and healthy vibes. Disinfectant sprays and cleaning products are applied to the areas in our constant use, and with time, moisture and bacteria can accumulate on those surfaces. These surfaces must be regularly disinfected and wiped off before they start to stink and create an unpleasant internal environment. Lavender, Peppermint, Tea tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Thyme and Sweet orange are commonly used as a scent in disinfectant sprays. When an occupant breathes in the fresh air with a sweet fragrance, he/she tends to feel refreshed, calm and at ease.

Chemically Dilute:
It is recommended to use chemically dilute, and non-corrosive disinfectant sprays, as strong sprays can corrode your PVC  and wooden fixtures. If non-diluted disinfectant sprays are applied onto surfaces, they tend to leave behind residue, creating a thin film on surfaces. Dilute mixtures are easy to use and handle, whereas chemically strong disinfectants can create a chemically unstable environment affecting the eyes, nose, throat, windpipe, and air sacs. Excessive mixing of chlorine, Ammonia, and hydrofluoric acid is discouraged while making disinfectants and sanitizing products. 

Stops the Spread of Bacteria and Viruses:
The sole purpose of an authentic and reliable Multi-surface disinfectant spray is to combat the spread and accumulation of bacteria, viruses and fungi on everyday used surfaces such as kitchen counters, bathrooms, toilet seats, cabinets, washing area, office desks, etc. An ideal disinfect disinfects washable hard surfaces within seconds and mitigates further bacterial growth. It is essential to use high-quality disinfectant sprays in public places, schools, healthcare facilities, and typical workplaces. 

Applicable On All Surfaces:
An ideal Multi-surface disinfectant is chemically composed to cater all types of surfaces and materials. Multi-surface disinfectants can be applied to all surfaces in general, which are prone to bacterial and microbial infections. Viruses, fungi moulds and Bacteria can grow and make bacterial colonies anywhere, so it is imperative to use a chemically stable multi-surface cleaner.

Why Avoid Mixing Different Chemicals and Multi-Surface Disinfectants?
While buying a multi-surface disinfectant, you must go through the entire chemical composition of that specific product. Disinfectant and cleaning solutions should not be mixed with other strong chemicals such as Bleach and Ammonia. Excessive concentration of Ammonia and bleach can cause instant respiratory attacks and eye burns.