Will Canadian Tourists Return to Brevard County?

By  //  May 24, 2021

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There’s no denying that COVID-19 has impacted tourism across the world to a large degree. Some areas have been hit harder than others, and Brevard County is one such area.

As the vaccination program makes inroads across the US, businesses will be wondering how soon tourists will be able to return to the state.

Last fall, the annual migration of thousands of Canadian tourists to the county was curtailed by travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Many Canadians own second homes or condos in Florida; others come with their own RVs in search of warmer weather and a healthier lifestyle.

With the rollout of vaccination programs, Canadian travel agencies are experiencing a surge in bookings, with citizens feeling confident that they will be fully vaccinated by September 2021. Land border restrictions could be lifted by the fall if both countries have low case counts and high vaccination rates.

Here’s why this is good news for Canadian tourists keen to return to Brevard County.

Victory Casino Cruises

Casino culture is popular with Canadians, as with many other nationalities. Despite the wealth 

of quality online casinos that have become established over the past year or so, many gamers will be itching to get back to the real-world experience of the traditional brick-and-mortar casino.

Although not of brick-and-mortar construction, the Victory Casino Cruise provides a unique and authentic casino experience.

Guests can choose between a five or six-hour cruise experience that combines the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas with sightseeing along the Space Coast. After boarding at Port Canaveral, players can enjoy 600 slot machines and 27 casino games, including table games and a sportsbook. This is accompanied by refreshments, of course, with guests being able to enjoy superb buffet dining and drinks, as well as live entertainment shows.

While casinos are a big attraction across both the US and Canada, the Victory Casino Cruise has to be one of the most unique experiences around.

NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Who isn’t fascinated by space travel and the world beyond the stars? The Kennedy Space Center is a must-do visit for anyone finding themselves in Brevard County. 

The sheer number of attractions will take an entire day to get round – if not more – and will appeal to the whole family. What makes it ultra-impressive is that it isn’t just a museum and activity center for space lovers. Visitors can see history unfold: they can meet the heroes and legends of NASA‘s early space programs, see a real lunar module, touch an actual moon rock, relive the moon landing, experience life inside the Atlantis space shuttle, walk amongst rockets and the Mars Rover vehicle navigator. These are just some of the myriad attractions at the Center.

Those who plan their visit carefully (check the Events Calendar), can book tickets to watch a live rocket launch – such as the SpaceX Starlink Mission launches – standing just miles from the launch pad itself with a live commentary from space experts.

Other events include the Center’s Astronaut Training Experience, with simulated technology enabling guests to live, train and work as an astronaut, even being able to experience the sensation of spacewalking in a microgravity environment

Cocoa Beach Pier

Just south of the Space Center is the world-famous Cocoa Beach Pier, which stretches 800 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. For the laid-back tourist, this provides plenty of scope for a leisurely stroll, peppered with seafood and oyster bars, hotdog and burger grills, friendly taverns and bars serving ice-cold beers and cocktails. There are gift shops to browse and live bands and events on the pier, all whilst taking in the spectacular views of the ocean.

For the more energetic traveler, surf lessons are on offer, fishing is available from the pier (catches include the likes of pompano, sheepshead, croaker and wahoo), there are volleyball courts – and there are lifeguards on duty for those that fancy a swim.

Brevard Zoo

The Brevard Zoo is another unique attraction – for two reasons. 

Firstly, it has been built by the local community as a conservation hub for visitors not just to learn, but to participate in the study of animals, nature and conservation. It supports global conservation initiatives, such as the restoration of native oysters in the Indian River Lagoon, as well as projects to protect local ecosystems and wildlife, including sea turtles, scrub-jays and beach mice. In 2014, it opened a sea turtle rehabilitation center.

Secondly, it’s the only zoo in the country that rents out kayaks to allow visitors to paddle around the exhibits. Visitors can choose from a guided tour through Expedition Africa or a breakaway adventure through Wild Florida. Explorers should keep their eyes peeled for species such as white rhino, Grévy’s zebra or the marabou stork, not to mention giraffes, ostriches, impala and ring-tailed lemurs.

If that seems too tame, visitors can sign up for the Treetop Trek, where they will be able to “zip, climb, crawl and careen” their way through “acre after acre of lush Florida landscapes”. Attractions include swinging logs and a high-wire bicycle!

The tourism plunge has weighed heavily on this popular resort, but Brevard County is planning its ‘post-coronavirus comeback strategy’, describing itself as “a racehorse ready to come out of the gate”.

For anyone looking for good weather, healthy outdoor living and whole-family attractions, the Space Coast should definitely appear at the top of the options.

There are a lot of reasons why Canadian tourists will be ‘chomping at the bit’ to return to Brevard County.