Moving Tips: How to Move Without Hassle

By  //  August 5, 2021

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While moving house is exciting and nostalgic, it can be quite stressful, both mentally and physically. However, you get to start a new life and decorate your home to suit your preference. The moving process is challenging, but it can be made less stressful. First, take out time to map out plans for a smooth transition.

Then, make your move hassle-free with the following tips:

Enlist help from a moving company

You don’t have to do it alone! Let a professional moving company help you move. Look up a reputable removal company and book them in advance. In your search for the right one, check online reviews, compare quotes and their services.

Get the Right Help

It can be intimidating to manage everything on your own when moving to a new place, whether in the same city or another. You have to move everything as small as your shoes and as large as your fridge, laundry system, etc.

You won’t wish to risk the safety of your belongings. Therefore, it’s a best practice to get the right help. For instance, if you’re moving to Los Angeles, Los Angeles movers can help you get the job done. You must uncheck one of your struggles by hiring the right moving company.

Declutter your belongings

Moving house is the best time to get rid of some irrelevant items. Guess you don’t want to move these unnecessary things into your new home. Decluttering before moving will save you a lot of time, money, and stress. Donate some of these items to charity homes. They will thank you for this. If you’re giving out big items, schedule a pick-up time when these organizations can come for them. You can also sell off some items to make extra few bucks. You’ll need it for the move.

Start packing

It’s not ideal to start packing some days or a week to move. Begin packing as soon as you can. You might want to start with the room with the least items, making packing quick and fast. Create an inventory to keep track of your belongings so they don’t get lost. Sort your closet, dirty clothing, books, and footwear into boxes.

Label boxes properly

After sorting your belongings, you should label the boxes correctly for easy storage and access. You won’t have to rummage through many boxes when these boxes are labeled to locate your mugs. You might consider color-coding the boxes using a sticker. This will enable you to identify boxes.

Sort out your utilities

Ensure your utilities are sorted before moving into your new place. Connect your electricity, water, internet, and gas before the move. You don’t want to be stranded on your first day. Consider registering with a utility company to handle your utilities. 

Get original boxes for your electronics

While packing, you’ll have to get suitable boxes for your electronics as they’re fragile items. They should be enclosed in their original boxes, the ones that came with the products. Check around the house; you’ve probably stored them in the garage or pantry. Perhaps you can’t find them; look for alternatives. You can purchase or borrow from neighbors.

Furthermore, you can use quilted blankets or tape to cushion the TV against damage. Finally, it’s advised that you take pictures of your electronics, especially the cords, before packing. These pictures will help you assemble them in the right way.

Handle paperwork

It’s easy to lose important documents when you’re moving. Store your passports, insurance paper, and legal documents in a separate box. Ensure you don’t put your paperwork with other items. A more improvised way of storing these documents is saving them in an electronic form to a storage device for easy access at any time.

Defrost your fridge a day before moving

No one wants to wake up to see molds in your refrigerator. Set out time to thoroughly clean it before moving. This will make the fridge light and easy to move. Also, you won’t have to worry about liquid seeping out and staining your valuables.

Clean your new space

You don’t want to move into a dirty house. Ensure it’s well cleaned before moving. If you have the keys to the new place, you can have an online store deliver your supplies like carpeting, furniture among others.

Take your time

By now, you’ve moved to the new place, and it’s about time to start unpacking. You can’t possibly unpack in a day. So start unloading items in batches. Just unpack the essential things; you can unpack the other items at a later time.


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