Natural Ways to Increase Your Height and Become Taller

By  //  October 11, 2021

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Let’s be honest, more people than not wish they could be taller, so if you are feeling this way, relax; you aren’t alone. However, unlike weight, we can’t really control our height; or can we? For people who are under 18, achieving an increase in height is a lot easier.

Normally, most people stop growing when they reach 18, but the pace at which each person grows varies. This is because there are so many things that contribute to our growth, like nutrition or genetics.

It may not be so easy for adults who have already completed puberty to increase their height, but for teenagers, it is possible. Keep reading for natural ways to increase your height and become taller.

Eat Healthily

Your mom wasn’t lying to you when she told you that you would become a big girl or boy if you drank your milk and ate your vegetables and fruits. Focus on foods and drinks that contain vitamin D and calcium, like milk.

As you have probably been hearing all of your life, calcium is good for your bones as it contributes to bone and muscle growth. In addition to calcium, you should also include carbs, fruits, proteins, and vegetables in your diet. You should also eat healthy snacks between meals, and it is recommended that you avoid sugar and fats.


This may sound strange, but self-confidence can help increase your height or, at the very least, makes you look taller. When you are confident in yourself, the way you perceive, yourself will change. Height isn’t everything, celebrities like Tom Cruise and Tom Hardy aren’t very tall, yet they didn’t let that hold them back.

Maybe if you find that you are the same height or even taller than your favorite celebrity, you can feel better about yourself. So how can you do that? Well, it is simple; you can use an online tool to compare height which will help you find out how tall you are in comparison with your favorite celeb.

Maybe this can make you see that not all famous people are tall and that height isn’t everything which will make you feel good about yourself. Even if you still want to increase your height and want to look taller, you should know that the way you carry yourself will influence the way people see you. Therefore, self-confidence can make you look taller.

Sleep Well

If you are a parent who hopes your child grows into a normal height or a teenager who wants to increase your height, then you should know that sleeping is key. When sleeping, the body releases certain hormones that are important for growth.

If a child or teenager doesn’t get enough sleep, their body won’t release these hormones, which will affect their growth. If you want to increase the release of these hormones, then you should get extra sleep by napping for a couple of hours every day. 


Exercising is believed to increase height for people over and under 18. One of the exercises that will surely get you the results you need is stretching. This exercise will work on stretching your spine, which can increase your height by an inch or two.

For people over 18 or in their 20s, you can try exercises like hanging, jogging, jumping, and also stretching. That being said, you should still exercise no matter what age you are. Even if you are at the age when it is impossible to increase your height, you should still exercise to maintain your current height. As people get older, they lose bone density which can make them shrink, but exercises like tennis, yoga, and walking can make a difference.

Focus On Your Posture

You have probably heard the words “stand up straight” a few times growing up. This is because a good posture makes you look tall, while slumping can actually impact your height in the long run. 

This is why you need to pay attention to the way you sit, stand, and sleep. Regular slouching can change the way your body looks and can affect your height. If you think your posture is causing a problem, then you should talk to a doctor who will recommend exercises and advise you on how to stand and sit.

If you are younger than 18, there are things that you can do that will have a huge impact on your growth and height like eating healthy, sleeping well, and exercising.

If you are over 18, there are things that can either help increase your height or at least make you look taller like exercising and improving your posture. Whatever your age is, you should remember to always be confident and love yourself no matter what height you are.