4 AFC Teams With the Best Odds to Reach the 2022 Finals

By  //  December 14, 2021

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The odds for the 2022 Super Bowl.

The 2022 Super Bowl finals are fast approaching, and while we can wager a guess on who will appear in this annual sports wonder, there is no way we will know for sure for some time yet. 

However, guessing is fun, and even though it is surely a gamble, people will still be laying down bets on the Super Bowl LVI odds

When we look at the NFL overall, we can see a few distinct franchises which we know have a good chance of making it to the Super Bowl. The NFC’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, for example. Defending champions with a brilliant win-loss ratio this season, no one would be surprised to see them show up at the 2022 Super Bowl. However, there are also the Arizona Cardinals who have probably got the most epic win-loss rate in the NFL at the moment, tying with the Bucs. 

So when we look at the NFC, the potential candidates for making it to the Super Bowl is clear. However, things are not quite so obvious on the other side. The AFC has more going on, and it is less anticipated than with the NFC. Besides, they don’t have the reigning champion clinging onto the title.

The AFC.

In the AFC, the teams who have the highest win-loss record are; the Tennessee Titans (9-4), the Kansas City Chiefs (9-4), the New England Patriots (9-4), the Baltimore Ravens (8-5), and the Buffalo Bills (7-6). However, the odds do not align them like this, and the odds are something that you will want to pay close attention to if you have any intention on betting on the outcome of this year’s NFL events.

Let’s take a look at the 4 teams in the AFC that have the best odds and find out everything you need to know about them. 

AFC teams with the best odds. 

There are four AFC teams in the NFL with the best odds for a Super Bowl appearance. While most of them have great win-loss records too, these two separate factors are just that, separate.

Just because one team has a great win-loss ratio, doesn’t mean their odds to appear in the finals are also great. Sportsbooks use their own methods of calculation to determine the odds. 

 This means that while the Tennessee Titans have a great win-loss ratio of 9-4, they have odds around +2500, while the Buffalo Bills have a win-loss ratio of 7-6, they have odds of +1200. This is just an example of how these two do not always line up. But, remember, odds will often differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. 

These are just a general idea. So, while we will tell you the odds currently offered by sportsbooks, we will also tell you how the teams are doing as well. 

New England Patriots.

As things currently stand, the New England Patriots are just behind the Buccaneers in the odds, giving them the second-best odds in all the NFL, and the best in the AFC for a Super Bowl win this year! Let alone an appearance.

Their current odds are +650, so they are certainly highly anticipated to make it to the Super Bowl and do well in the final game plays of the season.

New England are also doing well in terms of their win-loss record, with a 69.2% winning rate at 9-4. They have been doing extremely well, slaughtering each of their last 7 opponents, consider their 45-7 win over the Browns on November 14th, or their absolute decimation of the Falcons at 25-0 on the 19th. 

Kansas City Chiefs.

Next up is the Kansas City Chiefs. This team is one of the most likely Super Bowl contenders and has been for a while. They have current odds of +700 to win the Superbowl, but we would say that the odds for them to play in the Super Bowl is even higher.

This team is one of the most anticipated teams in the NFL to make the Super Bowl, and we would wager most football enthusiasts expect to see the Chiefs face off the Buccaneers in February.

They have the same win-loss rate as New England as well, at 9-4. In their last 6 games, we have seen straight wins. Their latest game on the 12th December showed their strength as they finished off the Raiders at 48-9. Ouch, that’s got to hurt! 

Buffalo Bills

Then there’s the Bills. While we do not expect a huge amount from them, they have been showing great stats. We cannot be sure if they will end up making it to the Super Bowl this year, however, we at least expect a few titles from them! Their current odds to make the Super Bowl is +1200. 

Why do we not think they will be the Super Bowl contenders this year? Well, when you have teams such as Kansas City and New England with such high win-loss rates and high odds, it’s hard to argue that the Bills with a win-loss ratio of 7-6, and odds of +1200 would beat them to it. However, we are happy for them to surprise us.

Kudos to them, they destroyed both the Saints (31-6) and the Colts (41-15) late November, so they do have the potential to bite back, let’s see how they fare in their remaining 4 games! 

Baltimore Ravens

The final choice is the Ravens. They have odds of +1800. So, they have the least chance out of our top 4, however, they still have plenty of chances to rise up and make the Super Bowl. They do have a better win-loss rate than the Bills, as they are at 8-5. They have been up and down throughout the season, perhaps they are reserving their game for one last big push. 

We at least expect that to take the AFC North Division Title against the Steelers or Browns. Their last Super Bowl championship was nearly 10 years ago, so they are about due one, so maybe they will surprise us and take the 2022 Lombardi trophy, nonetheless, we can hope for them to make it to the playoffs.